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Brownies Could Get Girl Deported

A young Northern California woman could be deported to Mexico after she was convicted of selling pot brownies to her fellow students in a scheme to raise money for a prom dress.

Saira Munoz of Yuba City was also convicted of employing a minor to sell marijuana. She hired an underage student to sell the brownies at a bake sale.

Munoz was sentenced to four years probation in mid-April for selling the chocolate weed brownies to students in 2013. She was caught when one of her classmate customers ate a brownie, became sick, and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.saira munoz

Munoz allegedly cooked up her unconventional bake sale because she had no money to buy a dress for her senior prom. She was 18 at the time of her arrest.

She was charged with selling the brownies to students, and with using a minor to sell pot. The latter charge was a felony.

What’s more, federal immigration authorities were told of Munoz’s conviction. A felony record can lead to deportation, and Munoz could be sent back to Mexico. Returning legally would be next to impossible. All because a well-liked high school student made a bad mistake.

Other students said Munoz was being treated unfairly.

“People make mistakes,” said Carlos Robles, a friend. “I was hurt because she was arrested, and nobody wanted to see somebody we cared about go away. She was just a positive person. I don’t like the turnout of this.”

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