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Snoop, Quincy Jones, Too $hort Push Legalization

Quincy Jones Snoop Dogg

Proponents of marijuana reform in California have come out with a new pro-legalization ad, and it includes endorsements from some well-known entertainers. Snoop Dogg joined Quincy Jones and Too $hort in the video pushing for the Adult Use of Marijuana Act in California. The campaign to enact that initiative has gathered enough signatures to guarantee a spot on the ballot ...

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Oakland Gets Ready for Cannabis Expo

Cannabis Business Summit and Expo

The 2016 Cannabis Business Summit and Expo is expected to draw thousands of entrepreneurs, speakers, and vendors to Oakland in June. The Expo will run from June 20 to 22 at the Oakland Marriott City Center. It’s part networking event, part classroom, and part sales floor, billed as the “ONLY national event where you will have an opportunity to meet ...

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Poll: Legal Marijuana Is Coming

Marijuana is coming to California

The likelihood seems to be increasing by the day that California voters will legalize marijuana in the November election. A legalization referendum is already slated to appear on the ballot, and most observers believe it will pass. That would make California by far the largest market for legal cannabis anywhere on Earth. The state already dominates on the black and ...

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Biggest Pot Shop Is Safe Again

Harborside MMJ Dispensary Oakland

The world’s “Biggest Pot Shop,” a Bay Area cultural and political staple, has escaped the claws of the federal government yet again. Federal officials agreed in May to give up their four-year attempt to shutter Harborside Health Center of Oakland, a shop with more than 100,000 patients. Local leaders announced the decision early in the month. The news was music ...

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“California Way” Campaign Promotes Craft Marijuana

California Marijuana Farm

They call it the “California Way,” and they want to hold onto it. A group that supports small-scale marijuana farming is out with a series of billboards, bus ads, and YouTube videos promoting the mom-and-pop approach to the cannabis industry. “Craft farmers,” the spots say. “Small batch. Sustainable. The California Way.” This approach has indeed dominated marijuana cultivation in the ...

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Altered State: MJ Exhibit on Display in Oakland

Oakland Museum of California

A new exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California is bringing the wonders of marijuana to a wider audience, and doing it in artistic style. Altered State: Marijuana in California is easily the biggest – and possibly the first – museum exhibit in America to focus exclusively on cannabis. The exhibit in the museum’s Great Hall starts April 16, runs ...

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The Perfect Mix: Vodka and Marijuana

Marijuana Wine Humboldt Distillery California

Pot brownies. Marijuana-infused candies. Cannabis coffee. Even weed wine. These are just a few of the endless varieties of food, beverages, and other assorted treats infused with the world’s favorite drug. Even meat makes the list. Now add vodka. Humboldt Distillery, located in the Emerald Triangle, brings an enticing mix of hard liquor and soft drugs. The company’s vodka-marijuana mix ...

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The Best Places to Smoke Marijuana in California

Best places to smoke California

It’s no secret California is a great place to smoke marijuana. The state produces 60 percent of the nation’s pot supply, and medical cannabis laws have long been notoriously lax, so at least a few California cities should appear on any serious list of the best places for stoners. Indeed, a study from 2014 ranked the top 10 cities for ...

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Yoga, Meet Weed

Yoga Weed

In a delightful combination of ohms and mmms, yoga teachers in California have begun offering classes that include pot smoking. Ganja Yoga, a cutting-edge studio in San Francisco, now offers 15-minute smoking sessions for yoga students with medical marijuana cards. The toking is followed by standard one-hour yoga sessions. Don’t have an official MMJ card? The studio advises you to ...

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