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California Cities Ban Local Marijuana

California Cities Bans

With legal marijuana on its way to California, a growing number of local communities are voting to ban any cultivation or sale of the drug. In early November San Jose became the latest and one of the largest cities in the state to enact a total prohibition on pot sales. The decision came days before California voters legalized cannabis in ...

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California Opens Door to Wax Labs

California OKs concentrate labs

California lawmakers have made it a bit easier for stoners to get their hands on hash oil and other marijuana concentrates. A new law, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in October, will allow a small number of marijuana processors to obtain licenses to make cannabis wax (also known as hash oil, honey oil, shatter, and dabs). The law was adopted ...

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Q & A: How Would Legal Marijuana Work?

California marijuana Q and A

In all likelihood, recreational marijuana will be legal in California within a matter of months. The state’s voters will decide Nov. 8 whether they want to legalize the drug, and recent polls show support is strong. Proposition 64, also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), would make it legal for adults to use small amounts of cannabis ...

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How Should You Vote? Our Endorsements

Vote AUMA and Hillary Clinton

Come Election Day, California voters will face two monumental questions about marijuana: Do they want to legalize the drug for recreation, and who do they think should lead the future of drug policy in the United States? The first decision may be an easy one for most stoners, if not all, but the second is a bit harder. In the ...

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California Newspapers Back Legalization

California newspapers support legalization

California’s largest newspapers want to see marijuana legalized at the ballot box next month. That includes both the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, which formally endorsed Proposition 64 in September. Both papers argue the Golden State would be better off abandoning prohibition and regulating a legal cannabis industry. Voters are widely expected to pass Prop. 64 Nov. ...

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Legal MJ: Is There Any Reason to Vote No?

Reasons to vote no in California

Election Day is fast approaching, and it’s a big one for California. Along with a critical presidential contest, voters in the Golden State will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreation. The case for a yes vote is strong, and polls show it’s winning. Roughly 60 percent of Californians say they support the idea generally, and most plan to vote ...

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THC Breathalyzer Hits California Streets

Marijuana breathalyzer

Police in multiple parts of California are rolling out the nation’s first “marijuana breathalyzers” in a unique experiment to gauge how well they pinpoint impaired drivers. Multiple high-quality studies have confirmed that driving while high on cannabis is relatively safe – at least in comparison with alcohol, which dramatically increases the risk of collision, injury, and death. High driving is ...

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Court: Pot Smokers Can’t Have Guns

Medical marijuana patients are barred from using and owning guns.

A U.S. appellate court ruled in August that marijuana users, including medical tokers in California, may not own guns. The ruling, handed down Aug. 31 by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, prohibits even legitimate medical pot patients from owning firearms. A panel including three of the court’s judges upheld a federal law barring all gun ownership ...

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The Adult Use of Marijuana Act: What Is It?

Adult Use of Marijuana Act

California voters will hit the ballot box Nov. 8, where they will decide, among many other important things, whether they want to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The odds look good at this point (depending on how one feels about cannabis reform). Recent polls show up to 60 percent of voters support the idea, and the Adult Use of Marijuana ...

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California Activists: We Expected DEA Decision on Marijuana

DEA Decision Expected By Reformers

Marijuana policy reformers in California say they weren’t in the least surprised by the DEA’s decision to leave the drug in schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, a category of substances deemed more dangerous, more addictive, and less medically useful than cocaine and methamphetamine. “We’re not shocked at this,” said Nate Bradley, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry ...

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