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Marijuana Tax Falls Short in Sacramento

Sacramento rejects marijuana cultivation tax

Voters in Sacramento rejected a plan to tax marijuana cultivation, even though the proposal won a majority at the ballot box. Voters in the city strongly backed the initiative to tax retail cannabis cultivation and use the revenue to pay for youth programs. The plan won 65.2 percent of the vote, but the initiative needed more than 66 percent to ...

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Arrest of Sheriff’s Deputy Draws Federal Attention

A California sheriff’s deputy, a local postal worker, and two other Golden State residents face federal felony charges for allegedly trafficking large amounts of marijuana to Pennsylvania. U.S. Attorney Peter Smith of Pennsylvania said in March that the four defendants have been indicted by a grand duty on charges they shipped cannabis from Yuba County in Northern California to York ...

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Brownies Could Get Girl Deported

A young Northern California woman could be deported to Mexico after she was convicted of selling pot brownies to her fellow students in a scheme to raise money for a prom dress. Saira Munoz of Yuba City was also convicted of employing a minor to sell marijuana. She hired an underage student to sell the brownies at a bake sale. ...

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