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Stunt Biker Arrested for Marijuana Plants

A California man arrested for performing freestyle motorcycle stunts on a state freeway faces additional charges after police said they found dozens of marijuana plants and a gun in his Brentwood home.

A California Highway Patrol spokesman said Guruardas Singh Khalsa, 32, was re-arrested Oct. 30 after CHP officers served a search warrant on his house. There they found a loaded rifle and about 90 cannabis plants, said Officer Ross Lee.

The search followed Khalsa’s initial arrest Oct. 29. Lee said Khalsa was part of an unruly group of bikers performing impromptu stunts on I-680 between Milpitas and San Jose on Oct. 11. The practice is known as Hollywood Stuntz, and it has led to criminal charges in other parts of the country.

A group of Hollywood Stuntz bikers attacked a man in New York last year while he was driving with his wife and child. Many of the bikers, including an off-duty NYPD detective, were charged with felony assault and other offenses.

The California bikers popped wheelies at high speed and performed other stunts in traffic. They refused to pull over when pursued by CHP officers, Lee said. Khalsa was charged with being an accessory after the fact and obstructing a police officer.

Khalsa now faces additional felony charges: marijuana cultivation and possession of a loaded firearm. Khalsa’s first arrest occurred in Contra Costa County, while his second happened in Santa Clara County. He posted bail Oct. 29 following the first arrest, and remains free on bond.

Police said Khalsa recorded video of the motorcycle stunts and posted it to YouTube. Officers with CHP’s Investigative Services Unit obtained a search warrant Oct. 30 to find the video, and while they were searching Khalsa’s home they discovered the marijuana plants, Lee said.

Marijuana PlantKhalsa had video cameras on his helmet and the windshield of his motorcycle, and they captured a group of about 50 bikers performing wheelies and other stunts while CHP officers attempted to stop them. Bikers taunted the officers.

The officers stopped to call for backup, and the bikers escaped off an exit in East San Jose. Video of the ride started showing up on social media soon after.

The gathering was organized online, and the participants weren’t part of any gang or organized group, Lee said. CHP used Khalsa’s own social media comments, as well as tips from the public, to identify him as the biker who took the video.

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