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Pot Bust Puts Kids at Risk

Police raided a massive marijuana grow site in San Jose in July, a haul worth an estimated $16 million. One man was arrested and two others fled after officers from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s department discovered them near an illegal outdoor cannabis farm east of Alum Rock Park. The raid occurred July 17, and members of the sheriff’s Marijuana ...

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Stunt Biker Arrested for Marijuana Plants

A California man arrested for performing freestyle motorcycle stunts on a state freeway faces additional charges after police said they found dozens of marijuana plants and a gun in his Brentwood home. A California Highway Patrol spokesman said Guruardas Singh Khalsa, 32, was re-arrested Oct. 30 after CHP officers served a search warrant on his house. There they found a ...

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San Jose Will Vote on Pot Shop Restrictions

Pro-pot activists in San Jose have succeeded in triggering a public referendum on a restrictive new law passed by the city earlier this year. Voters will decide in two years whether they want to repeal the new regulations, which many expect will end medical marijuana in San Jose. The law requires that all pot shops locate within less than 1 ...

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San Jose Hikes Marijuana Fines from $25 to $50,000

After the San Jose City Council passed a new law earlier limiting pot shops in the city, it became clear dispensaries that refuse to close would face fines. As of now, that means just $25. But if the council adopts a new ordinance now under consideration, the fine would increase 2,000 percent, to as much as $50,000. The plan is ...

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San Jose Dispensaries Rally Against New Rules

San Jose’s unregulated medical marijuana dispensaries are rallying together to fight new rules that could make it next to impossible to sell marijuana in the city. Dozens of shop owners joined together to protest the new regulations, adopted by the San Jose City Council last month. The owners were joined by employees and supporters at a rally in front of ...

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Santa Clara County Bans Pot Providers, for Now

Officials in Santa Clara County are moving to ban medical weed providers in unincorporated areas. The county Board of Supervisors voted unanimously June 24 to impose an immediate moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries and other providers. It could be the precursor to a permanent ban. “The immediate moratorium allows us time to create a permanent ordinance, and at the same ...

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San Jose Puts Tough New Limits on Dispensaries

San Jose officials are moving ahead with plans to crack down on medical marijuana, launching a new effort to apply tight regulations that could make it difficult, if not impossible, for dispensaries to do business in the city. The San Jose City Council voted 7-3 June 10 to pass an ordinance that will limit MMJ shops to less than 1 ...

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San Jose MMJ Ordinance Stalled Again

Marijuana in San Jose

Attempts by San Jose leaders to impose tough new restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries continue to run up against political realities in the state’s third-largest city. The San Jose City Council failed again on June 3 to pass a new MMJ ordinance. A tie vote, 5-5, means the ordinance goes back to city staff for revisions but remains alive. It ...

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In San Jose, It Was Free Weed for Votes

Free weed in San Jose

June 3 was primary election day in California. In San Jose, it was a little something extra. Several medical marijuana dispensaries gave away free weed in advance of the election, hoping to convince stoners to vote – and vote in favor of cannabis causes. Key San Jose races were up for grabs, and marijuana is currently hot policy in California’s ...

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San Jose Delays MMJ Vote, Again

Local leaders in San Jose have now twice delayed a vote that will determine the future of medical marijuana in the city. The city council voted May 20 to hold off, yet again, on a new ordinance that would restrict MMJ dispensaries. The decision was delayed from another meeting earlier in May. It will come up again at the next ...

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