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Lake County Planning Commission Proposes New Ordinance to Grow Marijuana

After a public hearing on Thursday the Lake County Planning Commission has helped push forward a new medical marijuana cultivation ordinance.Bush of a hemp

The new ordinance comes shortly before the expiration of an interim urgency cultivation ordinance that would end next July. It details the limits and boundaries with outdoor medical marijuana cultivation, not least of which is “limit indoor cultivation to a use are of 100 square feet and 1,200 watts of lighting for health and safety reasons. Allow this amount of indoor cultivation in any location that has a residence” as well as “Prohibit outdoor cultivation within any designated Community Growth Boundary and on any parcel that is one (1) acre or smaller.”

The ordinance, which is over 26 pages long, attempts to address any concerns held by Lake County residents, of which there are many. Among them were problems with growing in residential areas, near farms and the effects neighboring businesses and homes may suffer.

Surprisingly, Sheriff Frank Rivero supported the idea of taxation and regulation. While it’s unclear just how many state or local agencies weighed in on the matter, it is certain there will be more focus in the coming weeks as the draft heads to the Board of Supervisors in December.

Some other details of note in the ordinance:

Lake County residents to cultivate up to 48 mature or 72 immature plants and prohibits outdoor cultivation within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, substance rehabilitation facilities, child care facilities, churches and nursery schools.

Outdoor Cultivation would require adequate screening from public view, and setbacks from property lines.


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111413 Lake County Planning Commission – Medical marijuana cultivation ordinance

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