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Wildfire Destroys Small Town, Marijuana Crop

Wildfire Lower Lake California

A wildfire allegedly sparked by an arsonist swept through parts of Northern California in August, threatening communities, burning buildings, and destroying at least one farmer’s prized marijuana crop. James McCauley told the UK’s Daily Mail that he wept when he saw his pot plants covered in pink fire retardant material that killed them and cost him an entire harvest. The ...

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Lake County Growers Ban Outdoor Grows

Lake County Voters Ban Outdoor Weed Grows

There will be no more outdoor marijuana grows in much of Lake County. Voters opted to ban all outdoor grows in the more populated parts of the Northern California county during the June 3 election. They voted in favor of a policy adopted by county supervisors last year and challenged by marijuana proponents at the ballot. Under the ordinance, outdoor ...

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Lake County Activists Stop Cultivation Rules

A Lake County advocacy group has filed a petition to prevent the county from enforcing an ordinance that imposes tight new restrictions on medical marijuana cultivation. The Emerald Unity Coalition and the Community Alliance to Ban Illegal Cannabis Cultivation, both pro-marijuana groups, submitted more than 4,000 voter signatures to the county registrar of voters Jan. 15. Their filing has temporarily ...

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Lake County Planning Commission Proposes New Ordinance to Grow Marijuana

After a public hearing on Thursday the Lake County Planning Commission has helped push forward a new medical marijuana cultivation ordinance. The new ordinance comes shortly before the expiration of an interim urgency cultivation ordinance that would end next July. It details the limits and boundaries with outdoor medical marijuana cultivation, not least of which is “limit indoor cultivation to ...

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Government Shutdown? Not for the DEA

The government may be closed for the time being, but the federal crackdown on medical weed won’t miss a beat. That’s because the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Obama administration’s front line in the war on sane drug policy, has furloughed very few of its workers. Under the contingency plan carried out by the Justice Department, 87 percent of the ...

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