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Humboldt County Cops Bust 6 Grow Sites

Cops in Humboldt County busted six weed grows near unincorporated Dinsmore off California Route 36 July 17.

Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office served warrants on each of the sites and discovered more than 4,000 marijuana plants between the six grows. Humboldt County Sheriff's BadgeThe sheriff’s department asked local prosecutors to file charges against them, but no arrests were made.

“Some of the locations were planned visits, and some the officials found on the way,” Sheriff’s Lt. Steve Knight said. “Some suspects were on site, and at other sites, officials found paperwork indicating people suspected of being involved. No one has physically been arrested yet or taken to jail, and we are looking into filing charges with the district attorney’s office.”

Raids Uncover Plants, Weed, Hash at Multiple Sites

The first raid uncovered 113 marijuana plants, from small shoots to towering sativas. Deputies also discovered a loaded shotgun on the property. They found a man at the site, and the sheriff’s department requested charges against him for cultivation and possession of cannabis for sale, a probation violation, possession of a loaded gun in the commission of a felony, and possession of a gun by a convicted felon.

The second bust uncovered 881 plants in 13 greenhouses, together with 58 pounds of pot hung out to dry. Deputies said they also found environmental violations, including a large diesel container with no spill protection placed near a stream and removal of trees without a permit.

Deputies found six suspects at the second site, all from Florida, who said they vacation in Humboldt County. The department asked prosecutors to charge them with cultivation and possession with intent to sell, while fire authorities requested charges under the Public Resource Code. Environmental officials could bring more charges.

Seven people were found at the third site, where deputies uncovered 891 plants, 393 pounds of weed on the line, and 8 pounds of packaged bud, the sheriff’s office said. Charges could include cultivation and possession for sale, as well as violations of the Public Resource Code.

Biggest Bust Nets 1,200 Plants

At the fourth site, deputies discovered 890 plants and located a Las Vegas man who could be charged with cultivation and possession for sale. Investigators also found evidence of environmental violations, according to the sheriff’s department.

police on sceneAt a fifth location, cops closed down a hash lab and destroyed 150 plants growing outdoors. They also discovered 120 pounds of processed hash and weed, according to the sheriff’s office. Authorities asked for cultivation and possession charges against a man and a woman found at the site.

The sixth bust was the largest. There, deputies destroyed 1,237 plants in five greenhouses, the sheriff’s department said. No one was found at the site, and cops said they would continue investigating.

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