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Humboldt County

Why Does So Much Marijuana Come from California?


Mention the word “California,” and odds are good your listeners will immediately think of three things: the Pacific Coast Highway, the Golden Gate Bridge, and marijuana. Lots of marijuana. And it isn’t just the state’s famous medical marijuana system. California also feeds the cannabis black market from coast to coast. More than half the nation’s pot supply comes from the ...

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Trimmigrants Head for North Coast

They come by the thousands every year, migrants who flock to California and its fabled North Coast in search of work among the marijuana plants. These laborers, or “trimmigrants,” help process untold tons of cannabis, some as legal medicine, some for the black market. And this year, as always, their return to the Emerald Triangle brings with it economic, ethnic, ...

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Violence Continues in Emerald Triangle

Another day, another story that makes it clear why marijuana should be legal. Firefighters in California’s famed Emerald Triangle say they continue to see signs of violence in the region’s illicit marijuana industry, despite a high-profile case from 2010 they hoped would bring light to the issue. That case landed one grower a life sentence for murder, but cops say ...

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Humboldt County Cops Bust 6 Grow Sites

Cops in Humboldt County busted six weed grows near unincorporated Dinsmore off California Route 36 July 17. Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office served warrants on each of the sites and discovered more than 4,000 marijuana plants between the six grows. The sheriff’s department asked local prosecutors to file charges against them, but no arrests were made. “Some of ...

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New Book Profiles Humboldt

It started with hippies and was never the same again. Utter the words “Humboldt County” to anyone in the United States under 40 and your meaning will be perfectly clear: weed, and lots of it. Part of the famed Emerald Triangle in Northern California, Humboldt has stronger ties to marijuana in the popular imagination than any other place. But it ...

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