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Here Comes Bud of the Month!

And you thought the Sausage of the Month Club was a good deal.

A California medical marijuana dispensary has one-upped the usual monthly gift program by offering door-to-door delivery of its selections for Weed of the Month. Marvina, a medical marijuana dispensary based in San Francisco, will not only provide pot but will make regular deliveries.

Medical Marijuana DeliveryThat kind of service has long been available in many parts of the state, especially its larger cities. But no one has had the chutzpah yet to offer monthly deliveries and monthly recommendations.

Marvina allows anyone with a medical marijuana registration card to join the club. The company’s executives compared their program to a cheese of the month club or a chocolate of the month club – or, for that matter, a Scotch of the month club.

The regular monthly deliveries are the most novel part of the program. And the packages include favorites selected by cannabis experts. Marvina offers variety and, above all, consistent service.

City officials getting tough on delivery services

It’s not clear how long it will last, though. Some parts of the state are starting to knuckle down on marijuana delivery services. That includes Los Angeles, where city officials have declared the services illegal.

There hasn’t yet been a concerted effort to wipe out delivery businesses in the Bay Area, but that could change at any time. Oakland in particular has long been a favorite target of the anti-weed crowd. If local or state leaders decide to crack down on medical weed, delivery services would likely be the first resource to go.

In the meantime, though, we have Weed of the Month. The selections come in three weights, packed in small plastic boxes. Seven grams, for example, sell for $95 a month, while an ounce costs $325 a month. That’s above market rates, but the price includes delivery.

Customers can choose from deliveries that are mostly sativa and deliveries that are mostly indica. Sativa generally produces a heady “cerebral” high, while indica is known for its heavy body high.

Deliveries automatically come each month, but customers are free to reschedule at any time. The boxes come with printed information about each strain.

marijuana leaf clearVaried packages

On the web, Marvina offers examples of its typical selections. A 7-gram indica package, for example, might come with 4 grams of Purple Nepal, 1 gram of Cherry Pie, 1 gram of Dream Kush, and 1 gram of SFV OG. A pack of sativa, on the other hand, might include 4 grams of Jack Herer and 1 gram each of Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and SFV OG.

Dane Pieri, co-founder of Marvina, said he cooked up the idea because dispensaries are so intimidating for the average consumer.

“It’s like when you’re in the grocery store at the wine aisle; we didn’t know what to do,” Pieri said.

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