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Marijuana Gym Coming to San Francisco

Jim McAlpine Ricky Williams Power Plant Fitness

When you think of marijuana, “athletic” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. The drug is far better known for its tendency to induce sloth and depress motivation than it is for its ability to spark drive and fuel determination. But that perception is wrong much of the time. Many pro athletes smoke up, some during the season. ...

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Altered State: MJ Exhibit on Display in Oakland

Oakland Museum of California

A new exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California is bringing the wonders of marijuana to a wider audience, and doing it in artistic style. Altered State: Marijuana in California is easily the biggest – and possibly the first – museum exhibit in America to focus exclusively on cannabis. The exhibit in the museum’s Great Hall starts April 16, runs ...

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Marijuana Drives California Real Estate Bubble

California Warehouse

It’s hard to forget the real estate crash of 2008, but that institutional memory may be fading in California as marijuana businesses drive up property values across the state. A report in the San Francisco Chronicle notes that property values are rising in many places thanks to new regulations governing the medical marijuana industry. The bubble is growing in small ...

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The Best Places to Smoke Marijuana in California

Best places to smoke California

It’s no secret California is a great place to smoke marijuana. The state produces 60 percent of the nation’s pot supply, and medical cannabis laws have long been notoriously lax, so at least a few California cities should appear on any serious list of the best places for stoners. Indeed, a study from 2014 ranked the top 10 cities for ...

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San Francisco Readies for Legal Marijuana

San Francisco Marijuana

Officials in San Francisco can see legal marijuana coming, and they’re already getting their ducks in a row before it arrives. Lawmakers and government leaders in San Francisco have formed a task force to write regulations for a legal cannabis industry in the city. Legalization is a good bet in California in 2016, and officials say they want to deal ...

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MJ Wins in Federal Court


A federal judge handed an important victory to medical marijuana advocates in October. U.S. District Judge Charles R. Breyer lifted a temporary injunction that blocked a Bay Area medical weed dispensary from selling pot to patients. The ruling means the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana and its founder, Lynette Shaw, may resume their business. More importantly, the decision applied a ...

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Museum Adds Weed Exhibit

A museum will soon become the first in California to dedicate an entire exhibit to marijuana and the local issues that surround it. The Oakland Museum of California, an Oakland-based facility that focuses on California heritage, will open Altered State: Marijuana in California in April 2016, museum officials said. The exhibit will include items illuminating the drug, its use, and ...

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Dispensary Buys First Pro-Weed Billboard in Bay Area

Not everyone is ready for legalization. That includes America’s advertising industry, which has long been reluctant to help sell legal weed. But things may be changing, slowly. The Bay Area, for example, recently saw its very first medical marijuana billboard, posted above Interstate 580 in Oakland. Magnolia Wellness, a dispensary with outlets in Oakland and Sacramento, is behind the ad ...

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Here Comes Bud of the Month!

And you thought the Sausage of the Month Club was a good deal. A California medical marijuana dispensary has one-upped the usual monthly gift program by offering door-to-door delivery of its selections for Weed of the Month. Marvina, a medical marijuana dispensary based in San Francisco, will not only provide pot but will make regular deliveries. That kind of service ...

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Anti-MJ Prosecutor Resigns

Melinda Haag Resignation

A federal prosecutor whose district covers the Bay Area has quit her post, handing marijuana proponents a big victory. Melinda Haag served as the U.S. attorney for the San Francisco area, a position she used to launch aggressive legal attacks against dispensaries, growers, and other medical weed providers. Haag announced her resignation in late July; she will leave effective Sept. ...

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