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Sutter County

Sutter County is located in California’s Central Valley, along the Sacramento River. The county is located just north of California’s capital which is Sacramento. Part of the Greater Sacramento area, Sutter County was estimated to have a population of approximately 94,737 in the census of 2010. The seat of the county is Yuba City.

Marijuana Laws in Sutter County

The possession of marijuana in Sutter County has been decriminalized as it has been in much of California. For amounts of 28.5 grams of marijuana or less, individuals face only a civil infraction, which involves the payment of a $100 fine. However,Sutter County possession of marijuana in excess of 28.5 grams is an arrestable offense, for which the offender may face a 6-month jail sentence and a fine of $500.

There are individuals that are legally allowed to possess marijuana in Sutter County without being subject to prosecution. These include medical marijuana patients, caregivers of such patients, and operators of legal medical marijuana dispensaries. According to California law (which applies to Sutter County residents), medical marijuana patients are allowed to maintain 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants and 8 ounces of bud. Patients will first have to secure a state-issued marijuana ID card after getting a recommendation for medical marijuana by a doctor.

Caregivers are allowed by law to maintain a similar amount of marijuana for every patient in his or her care. Legal medical marijuana dispensaries are also substance to laws that limit the amount of marijuana they can maintain based on the number of patients that they service.

Sutter County’s Penalties

Even with the tolerant marijuana policies in Sutter County, offenders face stiff penalties, especially in other California counties. The illegal cultivation and processing of marijuana is punishable by a 16-month prison term, and the sale of marijuana is prohibited as well, unless it is by a medical marijuana dispensary that has the legal authority to provide for the needs of their patients.


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