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Leak in Murrieta Leads Cops to Weed

A leak at a home in Murrieta led authorities to an indoor pot garden with nearly 1,000 plants, police said.

marijuana-arrestPolice arrested Zi Ye Wu, 38, and Wei Ming Li, 30, during a raid on a home on Hannah Way, said Murrieta Police Sgt. Dave Baca. The two posted $50,000 bail and were released. They face drug charges.

Murrieta code enforcement officers responded to a complaint that a broken water pipe was flooding neighboring plots. Officers found a broken jury-rigged plastic pipe used to move water between the inside and outside of the house, Baca said.

The officers also called police after smelling marijuana, Baca said. Police allegedly found Wu and Li at the home, but the two fled. They were caught shortly after, Baca said.

Inside the home, police found 950 marijuana plants, 13 pounds of processed weed, and $1,400 in cash, Baca said.

Marijuana remains illegal for recreational use in California, though possession is decriminalized. Medical marijuana is legal, and that creates a gray area in which many large-scale cultivators are able to operate.

Cannabis could be legalized in the Golden State as early as 2016. In September advocates launched a campaign to push for legalization in that year’s election. The idea has strong support.

Elsewhere in California . . .

Pizza. Pot. What could be better? Well, pizza and pot all rolled into one, that’s what. A California entrepreneur has launched a medical marijuana service selling gourmet pizzas infused with cannabis.

Stoned Over Gourmet Pizzas is selling their frozen THC pies at medical weed dispensaries around Los Angeles. Each 6-inch pizza sells for $10 and contains 250 milligram of extracted marijuana. The pies are infused with pot oil that’s made using ethanol, or drinking alcohol.

“Everyone loves pizza, said Henry Mark, 24, the entrepreneur behind the project. “You cannot taste one bit of marijuana in there. This pizza is really dangerous, because you can trick everyone!”

Mark worked with a chef for four months, crafting pizza recipes. He started early this year, selling a few hundred pies a week. Now he has a commercial kitchen and sells 2,000 to 3,000 per week.

Marijuana PizzaStoned Oven boasts on Facebook that it sells the “world’s strongest medicated pizzas.” The company’s website includes a list of area dispensaries that sell them. “Personal catering” is also available.

Mark said the THC levels in the pies are often inconsistent, as they are in other marijuana edibles. He said it’s best to eat about a quarter of a pizza, drink water, and wait half an hour to see if it hits you hard enough. If not, you can eat the rest.

The 250-milligram dose is relatively high. Most foods come with no more than 100 milligrams, usually divided into smaller portions.

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