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L.A. Welcomes Marijuana Farmers Market

Los Angelenos will soon have a novel way to buy their medical weed. The city’s first medical marijuana farmers market is coming to town over the Fourth of July weekend.

dispensary jarsThe event will take place July 4 to July 6 and is expected to attract as many as 50 vendors selling almost everything with weed in it, including ordinary weed. The Los Angeles California Heritage Market will be held at a dispensary in East L.A.

Among other things, vendors will sell dried pot, edibles, and concentrates. The market will be open to card-carrying MMJ patients.

The farmers market aims to give customers a chance to comparison shop for marijuana and ask questions about the product straight from growers and other vendors.

“For a long time, the only access patients had, especially in L.A., was to go to a dispensary,” said Paizley Bradbury, executive director of the farmers market. “We see a lot of problems with having that power over patients’ access to medicine, whether that be price or vendors and who they choose.”

Farmers Market Brings Together Patients, Providers

Bradbury said the event would also offer cheaper prices to patients.

“I feel like a lot of the power should be shifted to those who are actually growing so that first-time patients can talk to the growers and the growers can cut out the broker price,” she said.

The market will be a good place for patients and providers to share information, and for smaller vendors to find customers. After opening weekend, planners hope to hold an open market every weekend.

marijuana plant leaves up closeWhether that happens could depend on how L.A. officials react. The city imposed new restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries earlier this year, allowing less than 200 shops. It’s not clear how officials would treat the farmers market.

The event isn’t the first of its kind. The World Famous Cannabis Farmers Market was founded in 2010 and moved from Tacoma, Wash., to Seattle last year after Tacoma officials shut it down. That market draws large crowds, but its future is up in the air as Washington prepares for the arrival of licensed legal weed in July.

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