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LA Clinics Safe

L.A. Lists Clinics Safe from Closing

The City of Los Angeles released a list late last month of the 134 medical marijuana dispensaries that will be allowed to operate in the city.

Each of these clinics registered with City Hall before a moratorium on new pot shops was imposed in 2007. L.A. tried to follow other California counties and ban dispensaries last year, but repealed that ordinance when it became clear voters would do the same at the polls.

In a referendum this May, L.A. residents opted to impose a new regulatory regime on dispensaries, including a limit of 135 in the city. Following are the shops allowed to remain open:

  • 420 for the People Cooperative Inc.
  • Mary Jane’s Collective
  • Absolute Herbal Pain Solutions
  • Advanced Patients Collective
  • AfterCare
  • Alternative Medicinal Caregivers
  • Alternative Medicine Group
  • Arts District Patient Collective Inc. dba Arts District Health Center
  • Ashmoon Caregivers
  • Balboa Care Givers Inc.
  • Beach Enlightenment and Compassionate Healing Center
  • Buds and Roses Collective
  • California’s Finest Compassionate Co-op
  • Cahuenga Caregivers Inc.
  • California Alternative Care Givers
  • California Caregivers Alliance
  • California Compassionate Care Network
  • California Herbal Remedies
  • California Organic Treatment Center Inc.
  • California Patients Alliance
  • Canna Health
  • Canto Diem Collective Inc.
  • Care California Consultation Inc.
  • Chinatown Patient Collective
  • Chronicpractor Carectiver
  • Collective Caregivers Pharmacy and/or 2 AM Pharmacy
  • Collective Pharmaceuticals Inc. VNCC
  • Compassion Union Inc.
  • Compassion Care of Studio City
  • Compassionate Patient Resources Inc.
  • Cornerstone Collective
  • Coultrock Enterprises Inc.
  • Cruz Verde Inc. dba Green Cross
  • Cyon Corporation Inc.
  • D.E.C. Medical
  • Delta-9 T.H.C.
  • Discount Caregivers
  • Divine Wellness Center Inc.
  • Downtown Collective
  • DTPG
  • Eight One Eight
  • The Fountain of Wellbeing
  • Gourmet Green Room
  • Grateful Meds LLC
  • Green Dragon Caregiver
  • Green Earth Pharmacy
  • Greenlight Discount Pharmacy
  • Green Plant Therapy Inc.
  • Greenhouseherbs LLC dba The Greenhouse
  • Healthy Herbal Care Pleus “HHC+”
  • Herbal Healing Center
  • Herbal Pain Relief Center
  • Herbal Relief Caregivers Inc.
  • Herbal Solutions Inc.
  • Herbakure
  • Highland Park Patient Collective
  • Holistic Alternative Inc.LA Clinics Safe
  • Holistic Care of Studio City
  • Holistic Health Alternative Inc.
  • Hollywood Holistic
  • Hyperion Healing Inc.
  • Infinity Medical Alliance Inc. dba RC Alliance
  • Ironworks Collective
  • KB Center for Compassionate Care Inc.
  • Korea Town Collective LLC
  • Kushism Inc.
  • L.A. Area Herbal Deliver dba Hollywood Home Remedies
  • LA Wonderland Caregivers
  • Living Earth Wellness Center Ind.
  • Woodland Hills Treatment Center
  • Natural Remedies Inc.
  • Los Angeles Valley Caregivers Inc.
  • Los Angeles Wellness Center LLC
  • Marina Caregivers Cooperative Inc.
  • McFlower Corporation / Delta 9 Caregivers
  • Medical Caregivers Association
  • Medical Marijuana Relief Center
  • Melrose Herbal Collective
  • Mid City Cannabis Club Inc. dba La Brea Collective
  • Mother Nature’s Remedy
  • Nature’s Cure Inc.
  • Nature’s Natural Collective Care
  • New Age Compassionate Care Center LLC
  • New Apothecary Inc. dba Apothecary 420
  • Nile Collective Corp.
  • North Hollywood Compassionate Caregivers
  • Northridge Caregivers Co-op Inc.
  • Organic Century Farmacy
  • Organic Green Treatment Center
  • Patients Against Pain Inc.
  • PCLA / Patients and Caregivers Los Angeles Inc.
  • Patients Corp. dba Foothill Wellness Center
  • Perennial Holistic Wellness Center
  • Progressive Horizon dba West Coast Collective
  • Pure Life Alternative Wellness Center
  • Purple Heart Compassion
  • RDC Collective Corp.
  • Red Moon Inc.
  • Relief Corp. dba Canna Care Relief
  • Resource Referral Services
  • Robertson Caregivers
  • Safe Harbor Patients Collective Inc.
  • San Fernando Valley Discount Medical Supply Inc.
  • San Fernando Valley Patients Group
  • Sherman Oaks Collective Care
  • Sherman Oaks Holistic Oasis
  • Silverlake Caregivers
  • So Cal Coop Inc.
  • Southern California Collective Inc.
  • Strain Balboa Caregivers Inc.
  • Studio City Caregivers
  • Sun Valley Caregivers
  • Sunrise Caregiver Foundation
  • Sunset Herbal Corner
  • Superior Herbal Health
  • The Green Goddess Collective
  • The Healing Touch
  • The Higher Path Holistic Care
  • The Little Cottage Caregivers LLC
  • The Relief Company
  • The Van Nuys Group LLC dba The Green Easy
  • The Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary
  • United Medical Alliance Inc. dba Bluegate
  • Universal Herbal Center
  • V Farm 1509 dba: The Farmacy
  • V.H.C./Valley Health Center
  • Valley Herbal Center Inc.
  • Venice Beach Care Center
  • Venice Caregiver Foundation
  • Vermont Herbal Center Inc.
  • W Farm 1045 dba: The Farmacy
  • Wellness Caregivers
  • Tanis Industries dba West Valley Patients Group
  • Westside Caregivers Club

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