Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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MMJ Bill Would Give More Power to Locals

Proposed changes to a medical marijuana bill in the California Legislature would take MMJ out of the hands of a state agency and give locals even more power to interfere. State Sen. Lou Correa, a Democrat from Santa Ana, is pushing legislation to regulate California’s medical weed industry for the first time since voters legalized it in 1996. His bill ...

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Future Of Medical Marijuana In California

A Marin County hospital could allow medical marijuana use.

California’s Current Marijuana Laws Medical marijuana is currently legal for certain individuals in California with certain restrictions. While medical marijuana patients are legally allowed to cultivate and process as much as 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants and 8 ounces of bud under California law, there are guidelines for being able to enjoy the privilege. Medical Marijuana Program The ...

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California’s Current Marijuana Laws

California’s Marijuana Possession Laws In California, the possession of marijuana was largely decriminalized on January 1, 2011. This date marked the passage of a law that essentially made the possession of 28.5 grams of marijuana or less a mere civil infraction. The only penalty for this offense is a $100 fine, although the fees added during the California legal process ...

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