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Legalization in Canada Could Help California


America’s neighbor to the north is moving at breakneck speed toward legalizing marijuana, and it’s increasingly clear it could happen at any time. If and when it does, it will be a landmark moment for reform. But what should this matter to California potheads? Canada is hundreds of miles from the state’s border with Oregon, and there isn’t exactly much ...

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Who does legalization best?

Marijuana Legalization

Voters in Ohio shot down a legalization effort in November, marking the first big loss for reformers since last year, when Florida fell just shy of enacting medical marijuana. But the big picture remains rosy. Weed is now legal in five places within the borders of the United States: Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Washington State, and the District of Columbia. The ...

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Legalization Advocates Break Up

Efforts to legalize marijuana for personal use in California were already mired in chaos. The confusion just got worse. Three major advocacy groups withdrew their support for what was considered to be the leading legalization proposal. Marijuana proponents hope voters will legalize weed by public initiative in 2016. The Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, and California NORML have ...

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Californians Buying Pot in Oregon

You would think a Californian wouldn’t have to go far to find affordable marijuana. The drug isn’t legal for recreation yet, but it’s allowed for medical use and is so widely accepted it’s common to see people walking the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles toking away. Even so, a fair number of people who live in Northern California ...

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Push to Legalize Grows in California

Legalize California

Legal marijuana may be on its way to California, sooner rather than later. By the middle of July, seven groups had announced separate campaigns to legalize recreational use of cannabis statewide. Late in the month, that list grew to eight. It’s unclear what the odds are on any of these efforts, but the newest entry is especially ambitious. The proposal, ...

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California AG Says Legal Weed Inevitable

Legalization is coming to California, soon, and key political leaders are beginning to acknowledge that fact. Gov. Jerry Brown may still oppose legalization, but his political ground is shrinking by the day. In November, California Attorney General Kamala Harris said she doesn’t oppose legalization. Harris didn’t go so far as to endorse the idea of legal weed, but she said ...

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Reform Group Launches Legalization Campaign for 2016

A campaign to legalize marijuana in California is getting a head start on the 2016 election. The Marijuana Policy Project filed documents with the California secretary of state’s office in late September that registered a new campaign committee. Now that committee can start raising and spending money. The MPP is the biggest national group that fights for cannabis reform. Members ...

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Some MMJ Advocates Oppose Legalizatoin

Efforts to legalize weed in California fizzled this year, but the cannabis world is already regrouping for 2016. Which is to say, most of the community is regrouping. Surprising as it may seem, not everyone who supports access to marijuana thinks the drug should be legalized for recreational use. In fact, quite a lot of medical pot patients think the ...

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