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What Happens if California Legalizes?

Marijuana in California

Every day that passes raises the hopes of California activists pushing to legalize marijuana in the November election. Public support for the idea continues to grow. Money is pouring into the leading ballot campaign. Advocates are coming together. When it comes to politics, nothing is guaranteed, but it is increasingly apparent that legalization is on its way. So what would ...

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Doctors Back Legalization in California


The largest professional group of doctors in California said in February that it would back legalization in the state this year. The California Medical Association, which represents the tens of thousands of physicians who practice in the state, announced Feb. 1 that it would support a plan to legalize marijuana in the November election. The initiative, headed by tech billionaire ...

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NAACP Backs Legalization Petition After Changes

California’s branch of the NAACP has given its backing to a prominent campaign to legalize marijuana in the state – but only after securing changes to the plan. Tech billionaire Sean Parker, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, and other major figures are backing an initiative that would legalize cultivation, sale, and possession of marijuana statewide. Unlike previous efforts to make marijuana ...

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What Would Mexican Legalization Mean for California?


California is this close to legalizing marijuana. Voters will likely decide the issue in November, and all signs point to success. If it happens, cannabis will be legal along the Pacific Coast from the Canadian to the Mexican border. The fact that it’s already legal in neighboring Oregon and in Washington State increases the likelihood voters will say yes. But ...

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What Would Legalization Look Like in California?


Most observers agree: It won’t be long now. California is on its way to legalizing marijuana, probably this year but almost certainly within the next few. Voters will likely see legalization on the ballot in November, as several groups are gathering signatures now. Only one of them has a real shot at getting past voters, and it’s led by tech ...

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What Is “Decriminalization” in California?


Marijuana is on its way to legal in California, and most people know it. Public support for legalization is strong, there is at least one serious contender to put the issue on the ballot in November, and big-money donors are lining up behind it. What many people – especially young people – may not know is that weed is already ...

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What Are the Odds California Will Legalize?

California marijuana

Sooner or later, the thinking goes, Californians will vote to legalize marijuana for personal use. The drug has long been legal as medicine, decriminalized for recreation, and easy to get for almost everyone. Legalization, then, should be a perfect fit. But it’s not quite that simple. Two previous efforts to legalize failed, one at the ballot, the other at an ...

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San Francisco Readies for Legal Marijuana

San Francisco Marijuana

Officials in San Francisco can see legal marijuana coming, and they’re already getting their ducks in a row before it arrives. Lawmakers and government leaders in San Francisco have formed a task force to write regulations for a legal cannabis industry in the city. Legalization is a good bet in California in 2016, and officials say they want to deal ...

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Two Legalization Petitions Die in California

California Legalization

Two ballot initiatives seeking to legalize marijuana for personal use in California have come to an end. Chad M. and Marinda D. Hanes, both grassroots activists pushing for cannabis reform, withdrew two related petitions in late December. Their plan would have legalized possession, cultivation, production, transportation, processing, manufacture, and sale of marijuana. The couple, who were mostly unknown in California’s ...

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Legalization Groups Join Forces

Sean Parker California

The outlook for marijuana reform is stronger in California, where two competing groups have joined to get legalization on the ballot in 2016. Until December, two main groups were vying to put their initiatives on the ballot. Several other organizations and activists are trying on their own, but their hopes are long. The Coalition for Policy Reform was behind one ...

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