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California Pot Activists Sue Legalization Opponents

Vote to legalize on Election Day 2016

The group behind a proposal to legalize marijuana for recreation in California sued opponents of the measure in July, saying they were trying to put misleading scare language on the ballot to discourage “yes” votes. Backers of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), a ballot initiative that would make it legal for adults 21 and older to buy, possess, ...

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Marijuana Tax Falls Short in Sacramento

Sacramento rejects marijuana cultivation tax

Voters in Sacramento rejected a plan to tax marijuana cultivation, even though the proposal won a majority at the ballot box. Voters in the city strongly backed the initiative to tax retail cannabis cultivation and use the revenue to pay for youth programs. The plan won 65.2 percent of the vote, but the initiative needed more than 66 percent to ...

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The Best Places to Smoke Marijuana in California

Best places to smoke California

It’s no secret California is a great place to smoke marijuana. The state produces 60 percent of the nation’s pot supply, and medical cannabis laws have long been notoriously lax, so at least a few California cities should appear on any serious list of the best places for stoners. Indeed, a study from 2014 ranked the top 10 cities for ...

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Corrections Officer Charged with Growing Weed

A jail guard was arrested in early October as police busted a group growing marijuana in Sacramento. Eddie Lay, 32, was arrested Oct. 8 on suspicion of cultivating weed for sale. The bust was the culmination of an eight-month investigation into pot-growing in the city. Sacramento police launched the investigation when the department’s South Area Gang Enforcement Team got a ...

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Sacramento County Puts Squeeze on Hash Oil

Authorities in Sacramento County are cracking down on hash oil makers following a series of explosions and hospitalizations caused by the manufacturing process. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s office has prosecuted more than a dozen people for hash oil offenses this year, said Michael Neves, assistant chief deputy district attorney for the county. Hash oil, also known as wax or ...

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New Indoor Grow Rules in Sacramento County

Sacramento County residents will now have a harder time growing weed indoors. County supervisors voted June 10 to limit the number of plants that may be grown inside, as well as where they may be grown. The move comes just two months after the county banned all outdoor grows. Sacramento County is following in the footsteps of places like Live ...

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Sacramento County Bans Outdoor Grows

The grow bans are spreading in California. Sacramento County supervisors voted to ban outdoor pot cultivation April 22. The county is just the latest community to turn on growers in the local war on medical marijuana. The vote was unanimous. Sheriff Scott Jones told supervisors cultivation sites have increased across the county because of ambiguous laws and inconsistent enforcement. He ...

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Sacramento Dispensary in Battle with IRS

When the Obama administration promised last year that it wouldn’t interfere with states that legalize weed or the businesses that provide it, the IRS apparently never got the memo. In that announcement, issued in August, the Justice Department said states could legalize, whether for medical or recreational purposes, and businesses could cultivate and sell the drug under state law, as ...

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West Sacramento May Ban Outdoor Grows

More communities in California are turning to cultivation bans as a way to put the squeeze on marijuana providers and users, including the perfectly legal kind. An ordinance headed for a vote before the West Sacramento City Council would make it illegal to grow weed indoors without a city-issued permit. It’s an extension of an existing ban on outdoor grows ...

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Two Men Sentenced in Sacramento MMJ Case

Two men were sentenced Dec. 21 for their ties to several medical marijuana dispensaries in Sacramento and Stockton. Lynn Farrell Smith, 63, of Stockton was sentenced to 42 months in prison for cannabis cultivation and sale. His co-defendant, Robert Duncan, 30, of Oakland was sentenced to 24 months in prison for similar crimes. Both men were sentenced in federal court ...

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