Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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California “Nuns” Fight for Medical Marijuana

Sisters of the Valley California nuns

They wear habits. They refer to themselves as “sisters.” They are known by those who know them as “nuns.” But they are not that exactly. These women, the “Sisters of the Valley,” run an Etsy business that provides so-called CBD marijuana to sick patients. And they hope they can save those patients from a wave of local cultivation bans sweeping ...

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San Francisco Readies for Legal Marijuana

San Francisco Marijuana

Officials in San Francisco can see legal marijuana coming, and they’re already getting their ducks in a row before it arrives. Lawmakers and government leaders in San Francisco have formed a task force to write regulations for a legal cannabis industry in the city. Legalization is a good bet in California in 2016, and officials say they want to deal ...

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Oakland Company Announces THC Breathalyzer

Marijuana Smoker

A California company could be the first to develop a breathalyzer device that measures marijuana intoxication in motorists. Hound Labs Inc., based in Oakland, is working with researchers at the University of California, Berkley to design a workable breathalyzer that could measure THC levels. Hound Labs isn’t the only company racing to produce such a device, but they say they ...

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Synthetic Marijuana ODs Hit San Diego

Synthetic Marijuana

The Spice craze has now settled firmly into the California drug scene, and with it come increasing reports of overdoses, hospital visits, and even death. Police say at least 10 people overdosed on synthetic marijuana in downtown San Diego in late November. Details were initially scarce, but it appears the victims may have used Spice together or shared a dealer. ...

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Trimmigrants Head for North Coast

They come by the thousands every year, migrants who flock to California and its fabled North Coast in search of work among the marijuana plants. These laborers, or “trimmigrants,” help process untold tons of cannabis, some as legal medicine, some for the black market. And this year, as always, their return to the Emerald Triangle brings with it economic, ethnic, ...

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MJ Wins in Federal Court


A federal judge handed an important victory to medical marijuana advocates in October. U.S. District Judge Charles R. Breyer lifted a temporary injunction that blocked a Bay Area medical weed dispensary from selling pot to patients. The ruling means the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana and its founder, Lynette Shaw, may resume their business. More importantly, the decision applied a ...

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Feds Bust Synthetic Weed Ring in L.A.

Federal authorities say they’ve busted a major drug ring that distributed synthetic marijuana in Los Angeles. The U.S. attorney’s office for the region announced in October that federal agents had arrested a dozen suspects as part of a larger crackdown on synthetic weed, commonly known as Spice. All were California residents, and their alleged drug conspiracy targeted homeless people living ...

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Museum Adds Weed Exhibit

A museum will soon become the first in California to dedicate an entire exhibit to marijuana and the local issues that surround it. The Oakland Museum of California, an Oakland-based facility that focuses on California heritage, will open Altered State: Marijuana in California in April 2016, museum officials said. The exhibit will include items illuminating the drug, its use, and ...

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Violence Continues in Emerald Triangle

Another day, another story that makes it clear why marijuana should be legal. Firefighters in California’s famed Emerald Triangle say they continue to see signs of violence in the region’s illicit marijuana industry, despite a high-profile case from 2010 they hoped would bring light to the issue. That case landed one grower a life sentence for murder, but cops say ...

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Cops Find Body in Refrigerator Behind an MJ Grow Site

California Grow Site

Police in Los Angeles said they found the dead body of a man inside an old refrigerator behind a Los Angeles home whose resident was growing illegal cannabis. The Los Angeles Police Department got a tip in September about a possible body at a house on Runnymede Street in Sun Valley. Officers went to the house and found the body ...

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