Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Altered State: MJ Exhibit on Display in Oakland

Oakland Museum of California

A new exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California is bringing the wonders of marijuana to a wider audience, and doing it in artistic style. Altered State: Marijuana in California is easily the biggest – and possibly the first – museum exhibit in America to focus exclusively on cannabis. The exhibit in the museum’s Great Hall starts April 16, runs ...

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Marijuana Drives California Real Estate Bubble

California Warehouse

It’s hard to forget the real estate crash of 2008, but that institutional memory may be fading in California as marijuana businesses drive up property values across the state. A report in the San Francisco Chronicle notes that property values are rising in many places thanks to new regulations governing the medical marijuana industry. The bubble is growing in small ...

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Cops Caught Stealing MJ Charged with Stealing Snacks

Prosecutors in Orange County have charged three Santa Ana police officers with stealing snacks and smashing surveillance cameras while raiding a marijuana dispensary in 2015. Each of the officers was charged with petty theft, while one was also charged with vandalism for destroying five closed-circuit cameras. The cameras were destroyed “by banging and smashing the camera lenses,” according to the ...

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Orange County Dispensary Workers Unionize

California Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana is going mainstream by the day. For proof, look no further than Orange County, where workers at a local medical cannabis dispensary voted to unionize in March. That makes the employees of South Coast Safe Access some of the first in the nation to join a union – specifically, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 324. The ...

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Struggling California Town Looks to Marijiuana

It has been a long time since the people of California’s Inland Empire had much reason to smile. Many of its small desert communities were crushed by the collapse of the housing market eight years ago, and few have recovered. The people of Adelanto have it especially tough. This town of 31,000 residents is really only known for one thing: ...

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Marijuana Bust Leads to Heavily Tattooed Gangster

California bust

A California marijuana bust led police to arrest an ex-convict whose extensive face tattoos immediately gave him away as a gang member. Khamprasong Thammavong, 33, was arrested in the San Joaquin valley after police found guns and dozens of marijuana plants at his house, authorities said. He was booked into the Fresno County Jail on several serious felony charges, including ...

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LA Sues to Shutter Marijuana Business

Speed Weed

Attorneys for the City of Los Angeles filed a lawsuit in February seeking to close a cannabis delivery service that opened in 2014. The city attorney’s office announced the suit Feb. 19, saying it’s part of a long-running effort to limit the number of medical cannabis dispensaries in the city. In 2013, voters passed Proposition D, a law designed to ...

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The Best Places to Smoke Marijuana in California

Best places to smoke California

It’s no secret California is a great place to smoke marijuana. The state produces 60 percent of the nation’s pot supply, and medical cannabis laws have long been notoriously lax, so at least a few California cities should appear on any serious list of the best places for stoners. Indeed, a study from 2014 ranked the top 10 cities for ...

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Cops Raid Northern California Marijuana Farm

California marijuana farm busted

Authorities in Shasta County say they raided a large cannabis farm in February and seized more than 2,000 plants. Officers with the Marijuana Investigation Team at the Shasta County sheriff’s Office said they served search warrants on two sites in unincorporated parts of the county. The team allegedly found 2,154 plants. One person was arrested, and authorities said they were ...

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Why Does So Much Marijuana Come from California?


Mention the word “California,” and odds are good your listeners will immediately think of three things: the Pacific Coast Highway, the Golden Gate Bridge, and marijuana. Lots of marijuana. And it isn’t just the state’s famous medical marijuana system. California also feeds the cannabis black market from coast to coast. More than half the nation’s pot supply comes from the ...

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