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Imperial County

Imperial County is located in California’s southeast in the Imperial Valley, sharing its borders with Arizona and Mexico. A part of the El Centro Metropolitan Area, Imperial County has a population of more than 174,500 as estimated in the 2010 census. The seat of the county is El Centro,Imperial County and it has the distinction of being the last California County to have been established.

Residents of Imperial County are covered by the law that limits marijuana possession to a maximum of 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants and 8 ounces of bud. This law is pretty much standard in virtually every California county, expect those in which there is a more specific set of marijuana laws in place.

Imperial County Under California State Marijuana Laws

As part of California however, Imperial County is also subject to state laws. Under California law, residents of the state are limited to a maximum possession of 28.5 grams or less before being charged with a criminal offense. For possession less than 28.5 grams of marijuana, the only consequences are a civil infraction charge and a fine of $100. If the amount possessed by the offender exceeds 28.5 grams however, he or she is liable for a six-month prison term and a $500 fine.

California marijuana laws also limit the possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana to certain individuals and only in limited amounts. The only people allowed to cultivate and process marijuana in Imperial County are patients approved for medical marijuana use by a licensed physician and caregivers of these patients. Aside from these individuals, anyone caught cultivating or processing marijuana in any amount is liable for a sixteen month prison sentence.

The sale of marijuana in any amount is also punishable by a 2- to 4-year prison sentence. If sold to a minor, the offense merits a 3- to 5-year prison sentence.


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