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Colusa County

Colusa County is located in California’s Central Valley, northwest of Sacramento. In the census conducted in 2010, the population of Colusa County wasColusa County estimated at 21,419. The seat of Colusa County is Colusa, and like most counties in California, a substantial portion of its revenue is generated by the agricultural industry.

Colusa County’s Marijuana Policy

California counties are normally governed by state and local laws with regard to the possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana. However, Colusa County currently does not have a clear-cut marijuana policy. In fact, Colusa is among the few counties in California that still does not recognize marijuana ID cards. These cards are issued by the state, and essentially give the bearer protection from arrest for the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

With the absence of any clear policy on the legalization of marijuana, Colusa County has decriminalized possession of a maximum of six mature plants or twelve immature plants. This offense is considered only a civil infraction, and merits a $100 fine. In addition, residents may also possess eight ounces of bud. Previous marijuana policy in Colusa County limited residents to two marijuana plants outdoors or four plants indoors.

Restriction of California Laws on Colusa County

Colusa County residents are also subject to California marijuana laws that prohibit the cultivation of marijuana in any amount. This offense is punishable by a maximum of sixteen months in prison. The exceptions to this rule are patients approved for medical marijuana use and their caregivers.

Colusa County is also governed by California laws that prohibit the sale of marijuana in any amount except by legal dispensaries. Individuals found guilty of this offense may be imprisoned for two to four years. Marijuana sales to a minor carry a potential three to five prison sentence. Offenders under the age of 21 may also have their driver’s licenses revoked for one year.


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