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Butte County

Located just north of Sacramento, Butte County is  in the Central Valley of California. According to a census conducted in 2010, Butte County has a population of 220,000. Known as the “Land of Natural Wealth and Beauty”, Butte County is home to a sizable Butte Countypopulation of medical marijuana patients as well as casual marijuana users.

Marijuana’s Legal Status in Butte County

Like all counties in California, Butte County is bound by the laws of the state with regard to the use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana. However, the county has its own specific laws with regard to marijuana as well. At present, the Sheriff’s office and the Butte County District Attorney limits the cultivation of marijuana to not more than six mature plants or twelve immature plants. This is the new ruling that supersedes the previous law that allowed the cultivation of only six plants, regardless of their stage of growth. Residents of Butte County are also allowed by law to possess no more than one pound of processed marijuana.

Effects of California Laws on Butte County

In addition to these specific county laws, Butte County residents are also subject to the umbrella California marijuana law, which among other stipulations states that possession of 28.5 grams or less of marijuana is not a jailabale offense. Individuals found to be in possession of this amount will only be charged with a civil infraction, which carries no jail term and requires only a $100 civil fine. Individuals found in possession of marijuana in excess of this amount however may be charged with a criminal offense, which may entail a jail term of six months along with a fine not more than $500.

The only people who can legally cultivate marijuana in Butte County are medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. Any one else found cultivating marijuana in any amount may be held liable for a sixteen month prison sentence.


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