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Alpine County

Alpine County is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, in between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite Natural Park. In terms of population, it is the smallest county in the state with a 2010 population estimated at fewer than 1,200. Primarily a rural area, Alpine County does not have any incorporated cities. Its seat is Markleeville.

Alpine County’s Marijuana Law

According to the marijuana laws of Alpine County, individuals are legally allowed to posses a maximum of six mature plants or twelve immature plants. Individuals are also allowed by law or posses up to eight ounces of the bud from the marijuana plant.

California Marijuana Law Limitations on Alpine County

Alpine County

In addition to the county laws, Alpine County is also bound by California state marijuana laws that stipulate that individuals in possession of 28.5 grams of marijuana or less will be subject to a civil infraction. This is not considered by law enforcement authorities as an arrestable offense, although offenders will be required to pay a fine of $100. However, possession of marijuana in excess of this amount entails a maximum jail term of six months as well as a fine not exceeding $500.

California laws also place limits on the cultivation of marijuana in Alpine County and other counties in the state. Individuals found to be cultivating or processing any amount of marijuana will be sentenced to a maximum of sixteen months in state prison of found guilty. The only exceptions to this law are patients or caregivers of patients that have been recommended medical marijuana by a licensed physician in California State. These individuals may possess or cultivate marijuana strictly for personal use.

As with any other county in California, the sale of any amount of marijuana in Alpine County is considered a felony. This offense entails a prison term of two to four years.


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