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Adam Carolla: California Won’t Legalize

Adam Carolla on Legalization

Marijuana advocates have long been bullish on the prospect of legalization in California. They’ve failed, and failed again, but the general attitude is that this time is the charm. Comedian Adam Carolla begs to differ. Carolla, star of Loveline and the onetime Man Cave, says in an interview that voters won’t go along with cannabis reform in November, if only ...

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Could Legalization Here Spur Other States?

When it comes to talk of marijuana legalization in California, the focus, understandably, is on California. It would be unrealistic to expect the state’s voters to care much about reform in other parts of the country. But it’s an important question. If the Golden State goes legal, what happens elsewhere? Would a vote to flip here lead the rest of ...

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Pot in Prison? Growers Want to Use Lockup

Fresno County California

Fresno County isn’t exactly known for its love of marijuana. All cultivation is banned in unincorporated parts of the county, even for medical use. So are cannabis dispensaries. But one town in this decidedly conservative part of California wants to buck the trend and welcome the marijuana industry to town. Specifically, to the now empty Claremont Custody Center in Coalinga. ...

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Cops Caught Stealing MJ Charged with Stealing Snacks

Prosecutors in Orange County have charged three Santa Ana police officers with stealing snacks and smashing surveillance cameras while raiding a marijuana dispensary in 2015. Each of the officers was charged with petty theft, while one was also charged with vandalism for destroying five closed-circuit cameras. The cameras were destroyed “by banging and smashing the camera lenses,” according to the ...

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Marijuana Lobby Takes Off in California

Marijuana lobbying in California

There was a time, not long ago, when California’s medical marijuana industry was viewed as a death trap for career lobbyists. For example: When Amy Jenkins, a young lobbyist in Sacramento, took a job representing the California Cannabis Industry Association two years ago, longtime lobbyists told her she was crazy. It would ruin her future, they said. “I was warned ...

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Struggling California Town Looks to Marijiuana

It has been a long time since the people of California’s Inland Empire had much reason to smile. Many of its small desert communities were crushed by the collapse of the housing market eight years ago, and few have recovered. The people of Adelanto have it especially tough. This town of 31,000 residents is really only known for one thing: ...

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Colorado Cannabis Cup Moves to California

Socal cannabis cup 2016

The nation’s largest marijuana convention is picking up stakes, leaving Colorado, and moving to California this year, High Times magazine announced in March. The High Times Cannabis Cup has long been the premier festival for stoners, medical marijuana patients, and other visitors. It has traditionally been held in Denver, but this year organizers ran into local resistance. The magazine hosts ...

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Experts Warn of Marijuana Stock Scam

Marijuana penny stock scam

Financial experts in California are warning of a potential penny stock scam involving marijuana. A Nevada company called KUSH announced in March that it would donate $1 million in stock to a campaign to legalize marijuana for recreation. But rather than supporting legalization directly, experts say, the move appears to be a classic “pump and dump” scam. Steve Kubby, a ...

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Marijuana Bust Leads to Heavily Tattooed Gangster

California bust

A California marijuana bust led police to arrest an ex-convict whose extensive face tattoos immediately gave him away as a gang member. Khamprasong Thammavong, 33, was arrested in the San Joaquin valley after police found guns and dozens of marijuana plants at his house, authorities said. He was booked into the Fresno County Jail on several serious felony charges, including ...

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Legalization Looks Increasingly Likely

Activists are working to make marijuana legal in the November statewide election, and the odds are increasingly good they will succeed, according to recent media reports. Several groups are pushing petitions to legalize the drug, and if any make the ballot, they stand a good chance of passing. One effort, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, has already pulled in ...

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