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California Cops: Wash Your Weed?!

Most of the time, when you hear a dire warning issued by police about marijuana, you know it’s going to be a farce. Maybe not this time. In a typical effort to scare stoners away from their favorite drug, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department issued a warning in May that might actually make some sense: Wash your weed. We all ...

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Two MMJ Providers Still Stuck in Prison

Prisoners in California

It has been a long time since Ricardo Montes and Luke Scarmazzo opened their medical marijuana dispensary in Modesto. But they are still paying the price. Montes and Scarmazzo are serving mandatory 20-year prison sentences for doing something that is now widely accepted: selling medicinal pot out of a retail store. Times have changed around them, but their circumstances have ...

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Modesto City Council Divided on Medical Marijuana for Sick Kids

This weeks Safety and Communities Committee meeting saw parents of children with seizure disorders stand up to talk of their experiences. The Modesto City Council was regaled for three hours with stories of heartbreaking seizures and hospital visits. And then each spoke of medical marijuana helping in ways that prescription drugs never could. “I didn’t pick medical marijuana; medical marijuana ...

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