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Marijuana “Nuns” Defy Local Ban

Sisters of the Valley nuns California

Local officials in the San Joaquin Valley are cracking down on medical marijuana, but a pair of local cannabis “nuns” say they won’t cave to the pressure. Actually, they’re not nuns, at least not in the religious sense. They have no affiliation with the Vatican or any other church. Their purpose is growing pot, not spreading the Gospel. But they’re ...

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California “Nuns” Fight for Medical Marijuana

Sisters of the Valley California nuns

They wear habits. They refer to themselves as “sisters.” They are known by those who know them as “nuns.” But they are not that exactly. These women, the “Sisters of the Valley,” run an Etsy business that provides so-called CBD marijuana to sick patients. And they hope they can save those patients from a wave of local cultivation bans sweeping ...

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New Rules in San Jose Could Ban Dispensaries

New regulations on medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose could lead to a de facto ban in the city, advocates said in early May. The City Council is set to vote May 13 on two ordinances to regulate pot shops in San Jose. The city has been trying to crack down on a booming dispensary business for several years, with ...

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Cops Raid Grow House Next to Grade School

Police raided an alleged grow house next to an elementary school in Manteca in March. Officers served a search warrant on the house, located less than 150 feet from Stella Brockman Elementary School, on March 19, said Manteca Police Lt. Tony Souza. They left with more than 300 marijuana plants and a pound of dried plant from the home. An ...

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Two Men Sentenced in Sacramento MMJ Case

Two men were sentenced Dec. 21 for their ties to several medical marijuana dispensaries in Sacramento and Stockton. Lynn Farrell Smith, 63, of Stockton was sentenced to 42 months in prison for cannabis cultivation and sale. His co-defendant, Robert Duncan, 30, of Oakland was sentenced to 24 months in prison for similar crimes. Both men were sentenced in federal court ...

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Police Pursue Man With Pot

A man led officers on a nine-mile pursuit in San Joaquin County on Saturday, said authorities. The California Highway Patrol were conducting a traffic stop and smelled marijuana from a car. Officers asked 47-year-old Richard Scelzi to exit the vehicle, but Scelzi drove away, initiating a 20 minute long pursuit. He was taken into custody when he finally stopped in ...

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