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Marijuana Drives California Real Estate Bubble

California Warehouse

It’s hard to forget the real estate crash of 2008, but that institutional memory may be fading in California as marijuana businesses drive up property values across the state. A report in the San Francisco Chronicle notes that property values are rising in many places thanks to new regulations governing the medical marijuana industry. The bubble is growing in small ...

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Why Does So Much Marijuana Come from California?


Mention the word “California,” and odds are good your listeners will immediately think of three things: the Pacific Coast Highway, the Golden Gate Bridge, and marijuana. Lots of marijuana. And it isn’t just the state’s famous medical marijuana system. California also feeds the cannabis black market from coast to coast. More than half the nation’s pot supply comes from the ...

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Trimmigrants Head for North Coast

They come by the thousands every year, migrants who flock to California and its fabled North Coast in search of work among the marijuana plants. These laborers, or “trimmigrants,” help process untold tons of cannabis, some as legal medicine, some for the black market. And this year, as always, their return to the Emerald Triangle brings with it economic, ethnic, ...

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Violence Continues in Emerald Triangle

Another day, another story that makes it clear why marijuana should be legal. Firefighters in California’s famed Emerald Triangle say they continue to see signs of violence in the region’s illicit marijuana industry, despite a high-profile case from 2010 they hoped would bring light to the issue. That case landed one grower a life sentence for murder, but cops say ...

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Firefighters Didn’t Protect Weed from Blaze in Emerald Triangle

A wildfire raging for more than two weeks had firefighters in Mendocino County battling to prevent deaths and save property. But there’s one thing they had no intention of saving from the blaze: weed. Mendocino County is located in Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle, the biggest pot-producing region in the United States. Supposedly, almost everyone in the Triangle – which ...

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Are Private Contractors Illegally Raiding Pot Gardens?

Managers of a private California security company insist they’re not behind a rash of midnight marijuana raids from helicopters above Mendocino County. Armed men in camouflage gear have been spotted descending into pot gardens in the Emerald Triangle. Locals say the men are cutting down their weed in the dark of night. Susan Schindler, a resident whose legal cannabis garden ...

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Mendocino County D.A. Offers Pleas for Cash

Mendocino County District Attorney David Eyster

Mendocino County District Attorney David Eyster has developed an approach to marijuana prosecutions that has dramatically thinned a longtime backlog and allowed hundreds of defendants to walk away with probation instead of jail. But some in the legal community are worried the program amounts to government extortion, favoring well-to-do defendants and threatening to deprive innocent people of assets that belong ...

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Mendocino County Raid Started in Col.

The raid on a Mendocino County medical marijuana dispensary earlier this month was triggered by an investigation in Colorado, police said. On March 4, a team of investigators from the DEA and Mendocino County law enforcement served search warrants on four addresses. The raid was centered on the Love In It Cooperative on the coast in Mendocino, but warrants were ...

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