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Cops Seize $7 Million in Pot at Strip Mall

Cannabis plants seized by police California

Sheriff’s deputies in Southern California seized almost $7 million worth of cannabis plants, loose pot, and edibles during a raid on a Canyon Country strip mall in October. Narcotics investigators at the Marijuana Dispensary Task Force of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department launched a raid on a cannabis grow site in Canyon Country Oct. 19. After serving a search ...

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First City in LA County Approves Pot Grows

California allows marijuana cultivation

Officials in Lynwood will allow legal pot grows under California’s new medical marijuana rules, making theirs the first city in Los Angeles County to do so. The Lynwood City Council voted 3-2 Sept. 8 to license the cultivation and manufacture of medicinal cannabis within city limits. The permits are also subject to other local and state regulations, officials said. Specifically, ...

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LA County Kills Medical Marijuana Tax Bill

Homelessness problem in Los Angeles

Los Angeles County officials moved in July to withdraw a proposal that would have taxed medical marijuana sales and used the revenue to fight homelessness in the City of Los Angeles. The decision by the county’s Board of Supervisors followed an earlier vote to put a tax initiative on the Nov. 8 countywide ballot. The proposal would have levied a ...

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Dispensary Owner Shoots Robbers

Dispensary Owner Shoots Robber

Two gunmen were in critical condition after the owner of a Los Angeles-area medical marijuana business shot them during an alleged robbery, police said. The shooting at the dispensary occurred at about 10:40 p.m. June 7 in the Walnut Park community in unincorporated Los Angeles County, according to officials at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The dispensary owner told ...

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Racial Disparity Persists in Marijuana Busts

Voters and lawmakers in California have been easing the state’s marijuana prohibitions for many years, in large part to fight the plague of racial disparities in arrest rates. But while the overall number of small-time busts has dropped, for both white people and racial minorities, the gap in law enforcement between the two groups is growing rather than shrinking, according ...

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Medical Marijuana on Santa Catalina Island?

Santa Catalina

Medical cannabis could soon reach a corner of California where many would consider it out of place among the tourists, seaside cottages, and salt breezes: Santa Catalina Island. The resort island, three square miles and just 3,800 residents, is one of the Channel Islands located off Los Angeles. Just an hour from the mainland, it’s a favorite Southern California vacation ...

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LA Marijuana Could Help the Homeless

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Los Angeles is known for a lot of things, but two in particular, one good, the other bad: medical marijuana dispensaries and a large and growing population of homeless people. Now one of those things could be used to help deal with the other. City leaders passed a $2 billion program in 2016 that is designed to give homeless residents ...

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420 Games Challenge Pothead Stereotypes

Stoners are lazy, confused, lost in the clouds. Send them on a quick errand and you might not see them again for a week. Such are the stereotypes, anyway. The first annual 420 Games fun run in Santa Monica was designed to bust those myths, but the pothead runners also took time to play along with them for laughs. The ...

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LA Sues to Shutter Marijuana Business

Speed Weed

Attorneys for the City of Los Angeles filed a lawsuit in February seeking to close a cannabis delivery service that opened in 2014. The city attorney’s office announced the suit Feb. 19, saying it’s part of a long-running effort to limit the number of medical cannabis dispensaries in the city. In 2013, voters passed Proposition D, a law designed to ...

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The Best Places to Smoke Marijuana in California

Best places to smoke California

It’s no secret California is a great place to smoke marijuana. The state produces 60 percent of the nation’s pot supply, and medical cannabis laws have long been notoriously lax, so at least a few California cities should appear on any serious list of the best places for stoners. Indeed, a study from 2014 ranked the top 10 cities for ...

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