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Arrest of Sheriff’s Deputy Draws Federal Attention

A California sheriff’s deputy, a local postal worker, and two other Golden State residents face federal felony charges for allegedly trafficking large amounts of marijuana to Pennsylvania. U.S. Attorney Peter Smith of Pennsylvania said in March that the four defendants have been indicted by a grand duty on charges they shipped cannabis from Yuba County in Northern California to York ...

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Butte County Voters Will Decide Whether to Allow Pot Growing

Voters in Butte County will get a chance to decide Nov. 4 whether they want tight new restrictions on marijuana grows. Measure A, a proposal to limit cannabis cultivation, would cement in place new rules adopted by the county’s Board of Supervisors earlier this year. The regulations would limit outdoor grows to 150 square feet. “Almost every day you see ...

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Government Shutdown? Not for the DEA

The government may be closed for the time being, but the federal crackdown on medical weed won’t miss a beat. That’s because the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Obama administration’s front line in the war on sane drug policy, has furloughed very few of its workers. Under the contingency plan carried out by the Justice Department, 87 percent of the ...

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