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Calaveras County

Calaveras County is located in California’s “Gold Country”. With a population of just over 45,500 as estimated by a 2010 census, Calaveras County has as its county seat the town of San Andreas, with Angels Camp as the only incorporated city within its limits.

Calaveras County Laws on Marijuana

Calaveras County residents are governed by a Board of Supervisors ordinance that limits the cultivation of marijuana in the county to not more than six mature marijuana plants or twelve immature plants. Residents may also be charged with up to eight ounces of buds from the marijuana pant.

Calaveras County

Like many other counties in California, Calaveras County allows the operation of marijuana dispensaries within county limits with a few stipulations. Each individual dispensary is allowed to possess only eight ounces of marijuana for every medical marijuana patient or caregiver in its roster. Dispensaries operating in Calaveras County are also allowed to posses no more than six mature and twelve immature marijuana plants per patient.

There are exceptions to this rule however. In instances wherein the amount assigned to a patient is not sufficient to cover his or her medical needs as determined by a licensed physician, the dispensary may possess an amount of marijuana sufficient to meet the needs of the patient.

Part from the county specific marijuana laws, residents of Calaveras County are also governed by the marijuana laws of the state of California. Under these laws, Calaveras County residents possessing 28.5 grams of marijuana or less will only be charged a civil infraction, which does not involve incarceration or arrest, but only a $100 fine. Individuals found in possession of marijuana in excess of this amount however may be liable for a six month jail term, along with a $500 fine.

Cultivation of marijuana in Calaveras County is limited to patients that are prescribed medical marijuana by their doctors, or to caregivers of such patients.


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