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New App Lets L.A. Stoners Order Weed by Delivery

California stoners in need of quick weed have a new tool at their fingertips: a smartphone app that lets you order medical marijuana delivery in the Los Angeles area. “We’re entrepreneurs, and we saw a need in the market, and we decided to fill that need,” said Roddy Rodnia, co-founder of the Nestdrop app. “We want to make it more ...

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San Francisco Won’t Be Getting a New Dispensary

Plans to open a “green light” marijuana district in San Francisco have run into problems at City Hall. The city’s planning commission voted in October to delay the permit process for a new medical cannabis dispensary in the Excelsior neighborhood, which is located near the border with South San Francisco. The neighborhood currently has three pot shops, and the industry ...

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The Best Places for Pot in California

California is the nation’s pot basket: More weed is grown here than in any other state – a lot more. About half the nation’s supply of marijuana originates in California. Cannabis is also quasi-legal in the Golden State, which has a medical marijuana system with few regulations. It’s easy to get a doctor’s recommendation, and it’s even easier to find ...

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Feds Take Medical Marijuana from Suffering Kids

Sick children who need medical marijuana to survive are going without because of a series of police raids up and down the Pacific Coast in California. In mid October a local task force of drug warriors raided a dispensary in the San Diego area and destroyed farms in Modesto and Mendocino County in Northern California. The operations were all providing ...

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San Diego Licenses First Pot Shop

San Diego officials have approved the city’s first license to run a medical marijuana dispensary. The license went to David Blair, owner of A Green Alternative pot shop. Blair plans to open the store in Otay Mesa. The license was cleared by a hearing officer at the San Diego Development Services Department Oct. 15. “We’re at the end of the ...

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San Jose Will Vote on Pot Shop Restrictions

Pro-pot activists in San Jose have succeeded in triggering a public referendum on a restrictive new law passed by the city earlier this year. Voters will decide in two years whether they want to repeal the new regulations, which many expect will end medical marijuana in San Jose. The law requires that all pot shops locate within less than 1 ...

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California’s Pot Ban Turns 100

California’s ban on weed is 100 years old this month. And it’s an open question how much longer it’ll last. It’s been exactly a century since the state enacted a law banning what was then known as loco-weed, according to the Contra Costa Times. Massachusetts was the first state to prohibit pot, in 1911, but California was the first Western ...

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California Democrats Back Legalized Pot

California Democrats Call for Legalization

California Democrats: “Time to Legalize” California Democrats have plenty on their hands when it comes to marijuana. But that hasn’t stopped them from taking a stand on behalf of other states that are loosening the reins on pot law. The California Democratic Party passed a resolution in July expressing support for the full legalization of weed in Washington and Colorado. ...

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Pot Advocates Meet in San Francisco

San Francisco

A unique group of bedfellows stood up for the future of California marijuana at a pot confab in July. Even as the federal government continues to fight weed operations that are legal at the state level, including many in SoCal, the gathered dignitaries pushed for legalization and an end to the failed war on drugs. The featured guest was former ...

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MMJ Delivery: Can It Work?

Can MMJ Delivery Work?

The situation for California’s medical marijuana dispensaries and their patients continues to darken. Federal authorities and local officials are putting the squeeze on pot shops across the state, shutting them down by the hundreds and forcing thousands of patients to look elsewhere for their medicine. One alternative is booming in the vacuum left by these shuttered dispensaries. Small delivery providers ...

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