Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Cal. MMJ Pioneer Is Destitute

A long effort to drive one of California’s medical marijuana pioneers into destitution has apparently worked. Lynette Shaw, who opened the state’s first legal MMJ dispensary shortly after voters approved medical weed in 1996, says she’s broke, shut down three years ago by federal prosecutors and hounded by the IRS into insolvency. She’s millions of dollars in debt with no ...

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New Dispensary, Tidewater Patients Group, Set to Open in Oakland

Oakland, long a battleground in California’s war over pot, may soon get a new medical marijuana dispensary. City officials recently gave the go-ahead to a dispensary that would be run by the Tidewater Patients Group, an organization tied to a former aide to an Oakland City Council member. The shop would be located at 3007 Telegraph Ave., in the Pill ...

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California Prosecutor Goes Rogue on Pot

The announcement was clear, and it brought joy to the hearts of medical marijuana supporters and tokers everywhere: The federal government would no longer interfere with states that legalize marijuana and would no longer go after cannabis businesses that follow state law. Yet some high-ranking government officials responsible for enforcing this new policy don’t seem willing to acknowledge it. Case ...

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Anti-Pot Cases Will Continue in California

The Obama administration announced it won’t go after pot users and providers in the states where marijuana is legal, but that doesn’t appear to have stopped the pain in Northern California. U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, notorious for her persecution of medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivators in the Northern District of California, has indicated she has no plans to change course ...

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