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Fresno County Supervisors Close Last Hope for Pot Grows

Fresno County leaders have closed the last door that still provided hope to patients and providers wanting to grow medical weed. County supervisors voted Feb. 4 to shut a loophole that allowed medical marijuana cultivation on manufacturing zone sites. Together with a general ban on pot grows passed in early January, the decision will make it impossible to grow cannabis ...

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A Big Year for Weed in Cal.

What does 2014 hold for weed in the great state of California? As with all things political, it depends. At the outset, it looks to be a big year for marijuana reform in the Golden State. Four petitions are in the works to legalize recreational cannabis. On the other side of the coin, municipalities and federal prosecutors continue to crack ...

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Lake County Activists Stop Cultivation Rules

A Lake County advocacy group has filed a petition to prevent the county from enforcing an ordinance that imposes tight new restrictions on medical marijuana cultivation. The Emerald Unity Coalition and the Community Alliance to Ban Illegal Cannabis Cultivation, both pro-marijuana groups, submitted more than 4,000 voter signatures to the county registrar of voters Jan. 15. Their filing has temporarily ...

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Cal. Communities Go After Growers

Medical pot shops have already been snuffed out like candles across California, making it harder – sometimes impossible – for thousands to get the medicine they need. Now local officials in towns and counties throughout the state are looking to attack medical marijuana from a different angle, and if they have their way, they could cut off all access to ...

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2014: Another Big Year for Legal Weed

A lot happened to marijuana in 2013. The first two American states to make the drug legal carried out their plans to see it through. Three more states adopted medical cannabis. An entire nation legalized. But as for the future of marijuana reform, what lies ahead may be even bigger than what came before. Expect 2014 to be a major ...

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Long Beach May Impose MMJ Tax

Medical marijuana dispensaries that do business in Long Beach could find themselves paying a new local tax. Long Beach voters may be asked to decide next year whether they want to impose a 6 percent tax rate on medical pot shops, plus a minimum $1,000 business license tax. City Council Member Suja Lowenthal asked in December that City Attorney Charles ...

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SF Doctor Says Marijuana Use Adds Risk to Women with Enlarged Hearts

doctor medical marijuana

With the popularity of medical marijuana increasing seemingly by the day, some doctors still caution patients of using it. Dr. Nikolas Lemos has been the chief forensic toxicologist for the San Francisco medical examiner’s office. And with every death that occurs, the department runs tests looking for alcohol, medications and drugs, including marijuana. “In any type of case we get ...

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Nebraska Judge Orders California Man Not to Use Medical Marijuana

A Nebraska judge has ordered a convicted felon not to use medical marijuana when he returns to California, even though the man is a registered patient under that state’s laws. District Judge Jeffrey Funke of Sarpy County warned Joshua Nordstrum, 26, of California not to use medicinal cannabis. If he tokes, his probation could be revoked and he could go ...

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Whittier to Ban Dispensaries

closed dispensary

Another light has gone out in Southern California. Whittier has now joined the long list of cities, towns and counties that have banned medical marijuana dispensaries. The situation was already bad, but in some place it continues to get worse. The Whittier City Council voted 4-1 at a special meeting Nov. 19 to ban all dispensaries in the city. They ...

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