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What Do Weed Votes Mean for California?

Election Day 2014 marked a major turning point in the movement to reform marijuana laws. Two new states legalized recreational pot by substantial margins, as did Washington, D.C. A major medical marijuana initiative failed in Florida, but it was the only setback of the day. So what does all this mean for the future of cannabis policy in California? Above ...

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California AG Says Legal Weed Inevitable

Legalization is coming to California, soon, and key political leaders are beginning to acknowledge that fact. Gov. Jerry Brown may still oppose legalization, but his political ground is shrinking by the day. In November, California Attorney General Kamala Harris said she doesn’t oppose legalization. Harris didn’t go so far as to endorse the idea of legal weed, but she said ...

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House Approves Bill to Stop Pot Presecutions

A bill approved by lawmakers in the House of Representatives could end the long-running crackdown on medical marijuana in California. The so-called Hinchey-Rohrbacher Amendment passed the House Dec. 11. Attached to the $1.1 trillion budget under consideration in Congress, the amendment would rescind funding from the Department of Justice that is used to “prevent (medical marijuana states) from implementing their ...

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California Cops Launched First Pot Raid 100 Years Ago

Police in California launched their first-ever raid on the marijuana industry 100 years ago in September. As the San Francisco Weekly observed, Inspector Joy Jones, who worked for the State Board of Pharmacy, busted two small cannabis gardens in Los Angeles in September 1914. It’s believed to be the first marijuana raid in California history – and one of the ...

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