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Sacramento County Puts Squeeze on Hash Oil

Authorities in Sacramento County are cracking down on hash oil makers following a series of explosions and hospitalizations caused by the manufacturing process. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s office has prosecuted more than a dozen people for hash oil offenses this year, said Michael Neves, assistant chief deputy district attorney for the county. Hash oil, also known as wax or ...

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Bill to Regulate Medical Weed Would Allow Extracts

If a plan to regulate medical marijuana in California becomes law, patients would still be able to use concentrates, wax, and other extracted forms of the drug. State Sen. Lou Correa, a Democrat from Santa Ana, is pushing a bill that would impose new rules on the state’s notoriously chaotic medical weed industry. His approach has the backing of law ...

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AG Candidate Supports Legal Pot

Ron Gold, the Republican candidate challenging California Attorney General Kamala Harris in her bid for re-election, said he wants to see the state legalize marijuana and reap the financial rewards. Gold, a lawyer from Woodland Hills and a former deputy attorney general, said California could use the money that would come with legal weed. The criminal justice system could move ...

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Assembly Bill to Regulate MMJ Clears Hurdle

Gavel with marijuana buds

An attempt to regulate California’s chaotic medical marijuana system moved a step closer to becoming law in May. A bill sponsored by state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a Democrat from San Francisco, cleared the Assembly’s Appropriations Committee May 23. It now moves to a full vote in the Assembly in the last week of May. California voters first adopted MMJ at ...

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Can Weed World Unite for 2016?

Legal weed is a dead issue for now in California. Voters won’t get a chance to decide it until at least 2016. In the meantime, a splintered community of marijuana proponents will have two years to come together, pool their resources, and present voters with a legalization proposal that has a chance of passing. The question remains: Can they do ...

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Stoned Driving Law Dies in Assembly

California marijuana advocates have killed a bill in the legislature that could have landed countless innocent drivers in jail. The bill, sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Jim Frazier, would have made it a crime to drive with a certain amount of THC in the bloodstream. THC is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. A growing number of states are adopting this “per ...

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Fremont Bars Outdoor Grows

The Fremont City Council has banned all outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana in response to neighborhood complaints. The council voted unanimously Feb. 18 to prohibit all outdoor growing, as well as cultivation inside residences if the plants can be seen from public places. The new policy was enacted after several residents complained their neighbors were growing large amounts of weed ...

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Marina MMJ Advocate Arraigned

A plea by a Marina medical marijuana provider to drop the criminal charges against him were brushed aside by a judge in Monterey County in January. Kevin Saunders, a well-known advocate for medical marijuana on the Monterey Peninsula, was arraigned in Superior Court Jan. 17 before Judge Robert Burlison on three felony counts of selling weed from a dispensary in Marina. ...

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