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Marijuana Robbery Leaves 2 Suspects Dead

A gunfight during a robbery at a Fresno marijuana grow site left two suspects dead while their accomplices took a 15-year-old girl hostage. Seven men, armed and dressed as police, burst into a home in south Fresno in an attempt to rob the residents of cash and weed, police said. They pistol-whipped one man inside the house and then started ...

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Man Accused of Starting Wildfire, Growing Weed

Authorities have accused a Northern California marijuana grower of starting a large wildfire while he was transporting material for a pot garden. The man, who gave his name as Freddie Alexander Smoke III, was arrested July 12. He was charged with recklessly causing a fire and cultivating marijuana, both felonies, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. ...

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Three Arrested in Fresno County Pot Bust

Sheriff’s deputies in Fresno County discovered two plastic hothouses containing about 400 marijuana plants Feb. 13. Deputies first discovered several hundred marijuana plants growing in an outdoor hothouse at a home on the 45000 block of Panorama Lane in Squaw Valley, in unincorporated Fresno County. While searching the site, detectives found four medical cannabis recommendations that pointed them to a ...

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Fresno County Supervisors Close Last Hope for Pot Grows

Fresno County leaders have closed the last door that still provided hope to patients and providers wanting to grow medical weed. County supervisors voted Feb. 4 to shut a loophole that allowed medical marijuana cultivation on manufacturing zone sites. Together with a general ban on pot grows passed in early January, the decision will make it impossible to grow cannabis ...

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Fresno Hash Oil Explosion Burns 7

Seven people were injured in an explosion in Fresno while trying to make hash oil, a casualty of what authorities say is a growing problem now that marijuana is easier to get and information about it is easier to find. The explosion occurred at the Casa Blanca Apartments in central Fresno Jan. 17. Six men and a woman suffered burns. ...

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Fresno County Shutting Last Door on Cultivation

Fresno County is shutting the door on the last option for residents who want to grow pot under California’s medical marijuana law. The county’s planning commission voted 5-1 Jan. 9 to ban cannabis cultivation in the last place it was still allowed, manufacturing sites. None of these locations had ever been zoned for marijuana use, but the possibility remained even ...

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Fresno County Bans All Pot Grows

Fresno County leaders went all in on a controversial assault on medical marijuana patients and caregivers in January. County supervisors voted 5-0 Jan. 7 to ban all marijuana cultivation in unincorporated parts of the county, indoors and out. The ordinance, possibly the tightest in the state, will take effect in February. Residents who violate the new ban will face a ...

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Cal. Communities Go After Growers

Medical pot shops have already been snuffed out like candles across California, making it harder – sometimes impossible – for thousands to get the medicine they need. Now local officials in towns and counties throughout the state are looking to attack medical marijuana from a different angle, and if they have their way, they could cut off all access to ...

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