Monday, June 24, 2019
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Firefighters Didn’t Protect Weed from Blaze in Emerald Triangle

A wildfire raging for more than two weeks had firefighters in Mendocino County battling to prevent deaths and save property. But there’s one thing they had no intention of saving from the blaze: weed. Mendocino County is located in Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle, the biggest pot-producing region in the United States. Supposedly, almost everyone in the Triangle – which ...

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Firefighters Adapt to Grow House Fires

Contra Costa County firefighters are adopting new strategies to deal with what they say is a growing problem: blazes breaking out at marijuana grow houses. Any fire poses grave risks to firefighters, said Vic Massenkoff, investigator for the Contra Costa Fire Protection District. But fires at large-scale cultivation sites are especially dangerous, and they require unique approaches, he said. Those ...

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