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Deputies Seize 400 lbs. at Arizona Border

An investigation into illegal trafficking led to the seizure of more than 400 pounds of marijuana along the Arizona border at the end of January, police said. The weed was taken while sheriff’s deputies from San Bernardino County served search warrants in the Mojave Desert in California and Arizona as part of an investigation into illegal drug sales at California ...

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Banks Still Skittish About Weed

The U.S. attorney general recently said the federal government would find a way for banks and other financial institutions to work with marijuana providers in states where the drug is legal. It remains to be seen whether he can be taken at his word; the memory of past events in California don’t offer much hope. But it also remains to ...

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AG: Banks Will Be Able to Work with Weed Providers

America’s top law enforcement official promised the federal government will soon issue rules allowing marijuana businesses to work with banks and other financial institutions. The announcement could have important implications for medical pot in California. Attorney General Eric Holder said Jan. 23 that the regulations would deal with problems faced by providers now selling recreational weed in Colorado and medical ...

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San Rafael Shuts Down Deliver Service

Officials have forced a medical marijuana delivery service out of its San Rafael office space. Police raided the Caregiver Compassion Group, a nonprofit collective that closed Jan. 6. The service had been operating quietly on Woodland Avenue since 2011, when it lost its lease in Sausalito. The service was ordered closed under a 1997 ordinance, one of the oldest in ...

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2014: Another Big Year for Legal Weed

A lot happened to marijuana in 2013. The first two American states to make the drug legal carried out their plans to see it through. Three more states adopted medical cannabis. An entire nation legalized. But as for the future of marijuana reform, what lies ahead may be even bigger than what came before. Expect 2014 to be a major ...

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Two Men Sentenced in Sacramento MMJ Case

Two men were sentenced Dec. 21 for their ties to several medical marijuana dispensaries in Sacramento and Stockton. Lynn Farrell Smith, 63, of Stockton was sentenced to 42 months in prison for cannabis cultivation and sale. His co-defendant, Robert Duncan, 30, of Oakland was sentenced to 24 months in prison for similar crimes. Both men were sentenced in federal court ...

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Navy Vet Sentenced for Running San Diego Dispensary

A Navy veteran was sentenced in December to four months in jail for running a medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego. Jovan Jackson was sentenced Dec. 13 to 180 days in county jail, minus 48 days served, along with three years probation. He will begin serving his sentence Jan. 3. Jackson is one of a long list of dispensary owners ...

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MMJ Businessman Sentenced to 5 Years

A prominent MMJ businessman who ran several dispensaries in Central California was sentenced to five years in prison this month, according to the Associated Press. Matthew Davies, 35, reached a plea deal with prosecutors that spared him a possible 15 year sentence. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, and distributing marijuana through his businesses ...

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Napa Votes to Ban Dispensaries

closed dispensary

Taking a decided step backward, the City of Napa has shut the door on pot. The Napa City Council voted 3-2 Dec. 4 to ban medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits. Council members voted to repeal a 3-year-old ordinance that, had it been implemented, would have allowed a single dispensary in Napa. The vote went against a recommendation by the ...

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Feds Drop Asset Forfeiture Cases

In a sign of at least temporary relief for property owners who rent to pot dispensaries, federal prosecutors in California have dropped several lawsuits that sought to seize landlords’ property because they did business with pot providers. “This is an important step in the civil rights battle being fought by seriously ill Californians who have been recommended medical marijuana by ...

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