Monday, June 24, 2019
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A Lube for the Cannabis Age

Marijuana coffee. Marijuana fruit drinks. Marijuana candy. Now add this to the list of weirdness that inevitably follows in the wake of legalization: a cannabis vaginal spray. Foria, a “sensual enhancement oil” made by a medical marijuana collective in Southern California, offers women an intimate, lubricated experience with their weed. The spray is a mix of cannabis oil and coconut ...

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1st Ever California Women’s Cannabis Conference

Our friends at NORML are doing a special event tomorrow, Saturday, November 16th. Well, more specifically the NORML Women’s Alliance is running things. They’re throwing the 1st California Women’s Cannabis Conference, an all day event in Wilton, CA. Currently the NORML Women’s website lists a tentative speaker list as: Keynote: DeeDee Kirkwood – Creator of “Toke” the play and movie ...

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Anti-Pot Group Throws Mud

It’s the oldest trick in the book. When you’re in a political fight and you seem to be losing momentum, you turn ad-hominem and launch personal attacks on the other side, accusing them of being irrational, of endangering children (the old favorite), of pedophilia, of plain old evil. Whether it be a politician attacking an opponent or the NRA trying ...

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