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California Cops Kill Pot Bill

Anaheim Axes MMJ Clinics

California police groups, determined to kill medical marijuana in California after 17 years of failure, have sunk a bill that would have enacted some of the very regulations they complain are lacking. These policy narcs have taken the formal position that there is no such thing as medical pot, no matter what most doctors and their own state marijuana laws ...

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California’s Pot Ban Turns 100

California’s ban on weed is 100 years old this month. And it’s an open question how much longer it’ll last. It’s been exactly a century since the state enacted a law banning what was then known as loco-weed, according to the Contra Costa Times. Massachusetts was the first state to prohibit pot, in 1911, but California was the first Western ...

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California Democrats Back Legalized Pot

California Democrats Call for Legalization

California Democrats: “Time to Legalize” California Democrats have plenty on their hands when it comes to marijuana. But that hasn’t stopped them from taking a stand on behalf of other states that are loosening the reins on pot law. The California Democratic Party passed a resolution in July expressing support for the full legalization of weed in Washington and Colorado. ...

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Pot Advocates Meet in San Francisco

San Francisco

A unique group of bedfellows stood up for the future of California marijuana at a pot confab in July. Even as the federal government continues to fight weed operations that are legal at the state level, including many in SoCal, the gathered dignitaries pushed for legalization and an end to the failed war on drugs. The featured guest was former ...

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Future Bleak for California Clinics

Future Bleak for California Clinics

Around the country, medical marijuana is booming and retail dispensaries are opening in increasing numbers. Medical pot shops are now allowed in Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico and 10 other states. The growing number of dispensaries across the United States offers badly needed access to patients. Many of them aren’t able to grow their own marijuana, as they were required to ...

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L.A. Lists Clinics Safe from Closing

LA Clinics Safe

The City of Los Angeles released a list late last month of the 134 medical marijuana dispensaries that will be allowed to operate in the city. Each of these clinics registered with City Hall before a moratorium on new pot shops was imposed in 2007. L.A. tried to follow other California counties and ban dispensaries last year, but repealed that ...

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Feds Attack More L.A. Pot Shops

Feds Attack Dispensaries

The war against medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles continues. Last month, federal prosecutors sent letters to more than 100 pot shops in L.A. County ordering them to shut down or face criminal charges. They also started proceedings to seize two clinics in Long Beach. The threats targeted 103 dispensaries throughout the county, including 71 in the city — in ...

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Garden Grove Clinics Gone

Garden Grove

Garden Grove, once home to the highest concentration of medical marijuana dispensaries in Orange County, has shut the door on all of them. This spring, city officials forced more than 60 pot clinics to close up shop. The move came in the wake of a state Supreme Court ruling that allowed counties, towns and other localities to regulate dispensaries out ...

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