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Bill to Regulate Medical Weed Would Allow Extracts

If a plan to regulate medical marijuana in California becomes law, patients would still be able to use concentrates, wax, and other extracted forms of the drug. State Sen. Lou Correa, a Democrat from Santa Ana, is pushing a bill that would impose new rules on the state’s notoriously chaotic medical weed industry. His approach has the backing of law ...

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Cal. Lawmakers Kill MMJ Regulations

The California Assembly killed a bill May 29 that would have provided the first set of meaningful regulations for the state’s chaotic medical marijuana system. Lawmakers voted 27-30 to reject a bill that would have created a state-level agency to regulate MMJ. The bill, sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco, was favored by the weed industry. That ...

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Congressional Amendment Could Protect MMJ Across U.S.

Business man with marijuana leaf on suit

An amendment to a bill in Congress could soon make life much easier for patients and providers of medical marijuana in states where MMJ is allowed by law. It the legislation advances and becomes law, it would mark a major turning point for the medical weed industry in California and other states with troubled MMJ programs. President Obama has said ...

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Bill Will Help MMJ Patients Get Their Pot Back

Guy holding bags of marijuana

California medical marijuana patients should have an easier time getting their weed back if they’re cleared of the charges that led police to seize it. The state Senate passed a bill May 23 that would require police to return marijuana and paraphernalia to MMJ patients who are acquitted of charges tied to the seizure of the drug. The same would ...

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Assembly Bill to Regulate MMJ Clears Hurdle

Gavel with marijuana buds

An attempt to regulate California’s chaotic medical marijuana system moved a step closer to becoming law in May. A bill sponsored by state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a Democrat from San Francisco, cleared the Assembly’s Appropriations Committee May 23. It now moves to a full vote in the Assembly in the last week of May. California voters first adopted MMJ at ...

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MMJ Bill Would Give More Power to Locals

Proposed changes to a medical marijuana bill in the California Legislature would take MMJ out of the hands of a state agency and give locals even more power to interfere. State Sen. Lou Correa, a Democrat from Santa Ana, is pushing legislation to regulate California’s medical weed industry for the first time since voters legalized it in 1996. His bill ...

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MMJ Regulations Stripped in Cal. Senate

Prominent supporters of an effort to regulate medical marijuana in California threatened to withdraw their support after a state Senate committee gutted several portions of the legislation. The League of California Cities said it would review its support for SB 1262, which cleared the Senate Health Committee April 30. The bill had the backing of the league and key law ...

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Stoned Driving Law Dies in Assembly

California marijuana advocates have killed a bill in the legislature that could have landed countless innocent drivers in jail. The bill, sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Jim Frazier, would have made it a crime to drive with a certain amount of THC in the bloodstream. THC is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. A growing number of states are adopting this “per ...

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Bill to Regulate MMJ Clears Senate Panel

A rigid attempt to regulate medical marijuana in California cleared an important Senate panel in April. The bill, backed by law enforcement groups and opposed by the state’s largest medical group, would license dispensaries and impose tight new restrictions on doctors who recommend cannabis to patients. It would also make it easier for local governments to ban pot shops. The ...

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Legalization Petition Dies Expected Death

One of the last surviving attempts to put legalization on the November ballot is officially dead, though it was given up for as much weeks ago. That leaves just one petition in the running, and that doesn’t have a chance. The California Cannabis Hemp Initiative, which would have legalized the possession and cultivation of almost unlimited amounts of weed, failed ...

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