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Santa Clara County Bans Pot Providers, for Now

Officials in Santa Clara County are moving to ban medical weed providers in unincorporated areas. The county Board of Supervisors voted unanimously June 24 to impose an immediate moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries and other providers. It could be the precursor to a permanent ban. “The immediate moratorium allows us time to create a permanent ordinance, and at the same ...

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Lake County Growers Ban Outdoor Grows

Lake County Voters Ban Outdoor Weed Grows

There will be no more outdoor marijuana grows in much of Lake County. Voters opted to ban all outdoor grows in the more populated parts of the Northern California county during the June 3 election. They voted in favor of a policy adopted by county supervisors last year and challenged by marijuana proponents at the ballot. Under the ordinance, outdoor ...

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New Indoor Grow Rules in Sacramento County

Sacramento County residents will now have a harder time growing weed indoors. County supervisors voted June 10 to limit the number of plants that may be grown inside, as well as where they may be grown. The move comes just two months after the county banned all outdoor grows. Sacramento County is following in the footsteps of places like Live ...

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Martinez Bans Outdoor Grows

Another day, another city in Northern California has banned outdoor marijuana grows. The city council of Martinez, located in the northern Bay Area, voted 4-0 May 7 to prohibit all outdoor cultivation of cannabis, despite the state law that specifically allows California residents to grow their own medical weed. Martinez becomes another in a growing list of California communities targeting ...

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Patient Advocates Sue San Diego

A group of patient advocates sued the City of San Diego in early May, seeking to stop an ordinance regulating medical marijuana dispensaries. The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients Inc. filed the suit in Superior Court, alleging the regulations violate patient rights and the California Environmental Quality Act. This is the second time activists have sued to block the San ...

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New Rules in San Jose Could Ban Dispensaries

New regulations on medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose could lead to a de facto ban in the city, advocates said in early May. The City Council is set to vote May 13 on two ordinances to regulate pot shops in San Jose. The city has been trying to crack down on a booming dispensary business for several years, with ...

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Sacramento County Bans Outdoor Grows

The grow bans are spreading in California. Sacramento County supervisors voted to ban outdoor pot cultivation April 22. The county is just the latest community to turn on growers in the local war on medical marijuana. The vote was unanimous. Sheriff Scott Jones told supervisors cultivation sites have increased across the county because of ambiguous laws and inconsistent enforcement. He ...

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Cal. Supreme Court Allows Cultivation Bans

A ruling by the California Supreme Court in March could undermine medical marijuana in vast swaths of the state, even as voters prepare to legalize weed in just a few years. The court declined to hear a petition from MMJ advocates fighting a total ban on cultivation in the City of Live Oak. The ban applies to all grows, indoors ...

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What’s Next for MMJ in Cal.?

With legalization efforts on hold, Californians will have to wait until 2016 to decide whether they want to regulate marijuana and make it available to all adults over 21. That leaves many in the cannabis community wondering what happens in the meantime. California’s medical marijuana system is in near-chaos, under siege by local governments and federal law enforcement, and the ...

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Shasta County Grow Ban Delayed Until Public Vote

Medical marijuana proponents in Shasta County have apparently succeeded in stalling a new ban on outdoor cultivation, at least until November. Activists handed more than 13,000 voter signatures to the city Feb. 27 in an effort to force the new ordinance onto the ballot in November. There, they hope, voters will reject it as an intrusion on the rights of ...

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