Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Carter is a National Correspondent for Green Scene Marketing. He is a freelance writer and attorney who lives in Minnesota. He has lived in seven states, including New York and California. Carter writes about marijuana, politics, and legal issues. His favorite strain is Blue Dream.

MMJ Delivery: Can It Work?

Can MMJ Delivery Work?

The situation for California’s medical marijuana dispensaries and their patients continues to darken. Federal authorities and local officials are putting the squeeze on pot shops across the state, shutting them down by the hundreds and forcing thousands of patients to look elsewhere for their medicine. One alternative is booming in the vacuum left by these shuttered dispensaries. Small delivery providers ...

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L.A. Lists Clinics Safe from Closing

LA Clinics Safe

The City of Los Angeles released a list late last month of the 134 medical marijuana dispensaries that will be allowed to operate in the city. Each of these clinics registered with City Hall before a moratorium on new pot shops was imposed in 2007. L.A. tried to follow other California counties and ban dispensaries last year, but repealed that ...

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San Diego Reconsidering Dispensaries

San Diego Reconsidering Dispensaries

A proposal to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in large areas of San Diego was sent back to the drawing board, but opponents are still planning to fight efforts to open the door to pot clinics in the city. Mayor Bob Filner proposed a medical pot ordinance this spring that would have permitted dispensaries in several zones around the city. This ...

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Feds Attack More L.A. Pot Shops

Feds Attack Dispensaries

The war against medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles continues. Last month, federal prosecutors sent letters to more than 100 pot shops in L.A. County ordering them to shut down or face criminal charges. They also started proceedings to seize two clinics in Long Beach. The threats targeted 103 dispensaries throughout the county, including 71 in the city — in ...

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Garden Grove Clinics Gone

Garden Grove

Garden Grove, once home to the highest concentration of medical marijuana dispensaries in Orange County, has shut the door on all of them. This spring, city officials forced more than 60 pot clinics to close up shop. The move came in the wake of a state Supreme Court ruling that allowed counties, towns and other localities to regulate dispensaries out ...

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L.A. Uses Law to Close Dispensaries

LA Closes Dispensaries

Los Angeles is busy cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries under a law approved by voters in May. Shortly after the ordinance passed, the city informed hundreds of pot dispensaries across the city that they would have to close their doors. Otherwise they would face asset seizure and prosecution. Now the City Attorney’s Office has published a list that specifies ...

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Orange County Forces Dispensaries to Close

Orange County California

Orange County, CA patients with medical marijuana needs will have to look far from home, or hope they can find a collective that delivers. The region has officially become part of California’s huge dispensary-free zone. The California Supreme Court ruled this spring that cities, counties and towns in the state have the legal right to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries out ...

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Anaheim Axes Pot Clinics

Anaheim Axes MMJ Clinics

Dispensaries Closing Quickly The pot shops are out of Anaheim. The city closed the last of its medical marijuana dispensaries late this spring, making it one of the last cities in Orange County to shut the door on retail weed. The city closed 11 clinics in late May. The move came shortly after the California Supreme Court ruled that counties, ...

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